The Artist intro

Welcome to my Art Blog!

Hello :)! My name is Alaina Watkins and this is my first blog ever lol. I thought that the first day of 2015 was the best time to do this blog stuff. Anyway, I am a self taught anime artist (sometimes I wonder how much better I’d be if I went to school for art :)) and I’ve been drawing anime since I was 9 years old  (my first anime drawing was a yugioh fan art lol) and have not stopped since.

I was born in Cali but raised everywhere because I am a navy brat. I have a identical twin sister, little bro, and two adorable pets names Leonidas (Chocolate Lab) and Katniss (a kitten my sis found all alone in our back yard :(. Now shes a lively and spunky kitty!!)

I am currently a dental assistant living in northern Aomori, Japan and I love it here (besides all the snow lol). As of this blog I have been living here for about a year. I went to Tokyo as well for the first time so that was very exciting!

Besides drawing my other hobbies include playing video games (especially Kingdom Hearts and grandtheft auto! If you can to be my friend on psn my user is clockworkALICE :)!!). Also learning languages is  my next passion. I’m currently learning Japanese and Korean and believe it or not these languages are not hard as people think they are lol. I like watching anime (just finished watching Deadman Wonderland and Phyco Pass) and I like analyzing 3D animations and looking at how they do lighting, colors, and even how they do a twitch of an eyebrow. lol yeah I love doing that <3. IDK if my hidden passion is animation  as well lol

Now what will I be using this blog for?

I plan on on posting WIP pieces, personal tutorials, commissions, requests, and art trades (with tumblr users only, deviantart will be through my DA account only :)). Also If you guys have any other art ideas let me know!!

It’s nice to meet you guys and lets see how far this rabbit hole goes…