y0uforiaa  asked:

It would be so awesome if you could possibly reply to this. I'm doing a charcoal drawing in my art 2 class and I wanted to know if you have any tips when using charcoal? I'm using a picture of my cat if that helps. Like texturizing, lights and darks, shading etc.

Hi there! Here are my favorite keys that I keep in mind when I’m working with charcoal on pet portraits:

1: I always start with a base layer. I like using powdered charcoal and apply it with a tapered brush and buff it into the paper. This gives you soft shading and helps you find the shape of your kitty and map out their patterns and stripes. It looks soft and a little blurry like this:

2: Next up is texture. Keep your pencils as sharp as you can and pay extra close attention to the direction your cat’s fur is going. That’s what really brings them to life on paper. I use LOTS of short, sharp strokes so I can change the direction of the fur without any criss-crossing lines. I use a mix of my HB charcoal and my white charcoal for highlights.

3: Don’t be afraid of those really dark blacks for depth (I use my 6B charcoal for those) And for final touches, I always save whiskers for last using my favorite white charcoal pencil.

I hope this helps a little and I hope you have fun!