I never get these, so I’m doing it…

The Rules
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1) Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch?
Tom… He’s so polite. Benny’s cute but I’m a sucker for a gentleman. This is good, because it means my hubby spoils me rotten.
2) What is the most awkward conversation you’ve ever been part of?
My mother telling me about her sex life.
3) Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit?
Both! How can you even try to choose?!
4) Star Wars or Star Trek?
Neither… I haven’t seen either… Planning on watching trek, tho.
5) Food or sleep?
Both! Silly question, why would I ever give up one!? I can’t live without either.
6) Who is your favourite comedian?
…. I have no idea. Probably my husband.
7) If you could kill someone without the risk of being arrested, would you?
No. Kidnap and confine, heck yes.
8) Dean Winchester, Thorin Oakenshield or Loki Laufeyson?
All of the above. Loki for villain, Dean for misunderstood protagonist and Thorin for the idiot. Because the house of Durin may be cool, but they are not the brightest crayons in the tree.
9) What is the oddest ship you ship?
….I…I don’t know… Most of my ships are odd. What are the qualifications for ‘odd’? Rare? Or just them being weird people in general? Can I ship Tom Hiddles and the word 'sorry’? Or Breadadict Crumberbatch and Bassdropp Cumberwubwubwub with himself?
10) Have you seen any of Hannibal? Do you like it? If not watch it, it is gruesome but amazing!
I haven’t except for .gifs. I’m debating watching it. It looks gruesome, but it also looks like my slightly disturbed type of humor…
11) If you had to pick one food and one drink to live on what would it be.
Potatoes and water.

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My questions:
1 Are you a toilet reader?
2 You now own old McDonald’s farm. Which animal do you eat first? Why?
3 What would you name your children if you had them?
4 Are you proud of your butt? (Hint: you should be)
5 Strangest thing you’ve ever overheard?
6 Which Avenger do you have a secret crush on?
7 Do you speak another language?
8 Hands or eyes?
9 If you were the first person to see a giraffe, what would you name it?
10 Butts?
11 Last compliment you received was?


Number 44 up for the pitch! This is the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

But would you believe this is only half the project? This is part one of a double commission! The next one is the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2013.

This one took about 110 hours and was created with chalk and charcoal on 16x20 Strathmore paper.