Onision’s Track Record: Underage Girls

In light of recent events, here is a post detailing Greg’s relationships with underage girls. Getting in trouble with the legal age of consent is nothing new to Greg and something he has a lot of experience defending himself for. I hope this sheds some light to the current situation with his forums and exploiting his underage fans.


Shiloh explicitly states that Greg violated the Mann Act, which is essentially a federal law claiming that it is illegal to transport women/girls across state lines for sexual acts. People are still prosecuted to this date for violating this law, a pastor was recently convicted in 2012 for transporting a minor to a state with a lower age of consent to have sex with her. Which is the exact same thing Greg had done multiple times with Shiloh.

In this screenshot, Shiloh recounts her abusive relationship with Greg again but with more details into his warped sexual fantasies. Near the end Shiloh mentions how young she was when she was taken advantage of and announces her fear that Taylor could experience the same abuse. She makes a point to mention her age being the same as Taylor’s when they began their relationship with Greg.


Greg knowingly entered a relationship with Taylor while she was underage and attending high school. Greg met with lawyers frequently to confirm the legality of their relationship, while Taylor’s father objected that it was illegal in his opinion. The age of consent in New Mexico being 17. Greg and Taylor met only 10 days making contact online and had sex the first day they met in person. Greg obviously does not take issue with having sexual relationships with minors. Greg also married Taylor secretly from her parents only a month after turning 18! Which doesn’t seem totally underhanded and sketchy at all! /s

Side Note:

Billie joined their relationship in the end of 2015/early 2016 when she was 18 years old. Age of consent in Billie’s home state, Virginia, is 18. I find it curious that Greg seems to carefully check the laws before pursuing anything. He’s aware he is doing something morally wrong and knows he can get into some legal shit if he isn’t careful.

Also here is a screenshot of Taylor patronizing Billie for her age even though she was even younger when she got with Greg.

Greg like to harp on to the fact that a lot of his criticizers seem to point out the fact that he’s been in multiple questionable relationships with minors, and still feels like he hasn’t done anything wrong. The fact that this has happened not once, but twice shows his true intentions when it comes to children. Greg likes to forget the fact that teenagers are still children.

His Audience in General

OnisionDrama made a great post outlining Greg’s target demographic and why YouTube analytics aren’t exactly a valid reference when trying to determine the average age of an Onision fan. I know personally I lied about my age online from the time I was 12-17, which is the exact age range of Greg’s followers. Here we have multiple polls from 2012-2016 showing the majority of fans are indeed minors. Which is why most of the girls featured in his “body positivity” videos are underage.

Here is a poll from Taylor as well, showing most of their shared demographic being under 16 years old.


Sarah is a friend of Taylor’s. They began talking when she was 14. After her sixteenth birthday, Greg and Taylor started housing her officially. She moved in with them around Halloween 2016 and has been there since. The age of consent is 16 in Washington. Notice how once again, Greg calculated the perfect time to move her in after she became legal.

Miscellaneous  Notes

It’s been speculated that Greg privately emailed Robert Casio to defend his actions and offered verbal support. Robert Casio being a convicted sex criminal after impregnating a 13 year-old child. Casio uploaded this video thanking Greg for his kind words of encouragement, but only referred to him by his first name and not his online persona as to prevent public backlash.

AntiSouthernMovement being a well-known second alias of Greg, left this comment showing his support of a convicted sex felon. SG also did a video calling Greg out which has more details of the situation.

What I feel to be pretty damning against Onision’s case of “dindu nuffin wrong” was the email scandal that happened in 2013. Someone sent Greg an email claiming to be a model/actress that would like to collaborate sometime, she mentioned being 17 years old, and attached a topless photo. Greg then pursued and asked for her facebook for more pictures and to communicate further. After this came out to the public, Greg began the process of covering his own ass at first by saying “I didn’t see her age!” then later changing it to “I never opened the attachment!”.

Another piece of damning evidence is how much Greg has announced that he isn’t a therapist. He has no desire to help his followers. 

He never wanted to offer guidance to his audience. He dismissed and out right ignored any fans emailing him for help/advice. But now he has changed his tune since it’s more convenient for him to act like his videos are therapy for those who need it, rather than admitting he was asking for pictures of minors’ bodies.

It’s also important to note context. Greg says the photos are harmless and nothing you wouldn’t see in a public swimming pool. The context of underwear though is that is IS private. Swimwear serves an obvious purpose for being comfortable clothing specially to swim in. Underwear’s purpose is to protect your genitals, it is meant for privacy, to be worn underneath clothing. The hard difference between the two is obvious, swimwear is public, while underwear is private.

So understand that photos of underage girls alone in their room, posing in bra and panties, will always been seen in a sexual context. 

So what we can gather from all of the above is:

  1. Greg has no issues being in sexual relationships with minors. As long as it’s barely within the legal limits, he has no moral opposition to dating children.
  2. Greg invites minors into his life and supports relationships with minors even as young as 13.
  3. Greg is aware of his demographic’s age and takes advantage of their naivety for sexually themed photographs of minors.
  4. Greg never intended his “body positivity” videos to be helpful. Greg never had any intentions on helping his fans.
  5. Greg is not qualified to comment on the health of developing girls’ bodies. Greg has no medical certifications nor any experience in the medical field. This includes therapy.
  6. Greg somehow doesn’t understand that you legally can’t make money from minors’ images without parental consent. Minors cannot legally consent without their parents permission.
  7. No matter how many excuses Greg comes up with, there’s no way he can talk himself out of being a hebephile piece of trash.



Thought you might find this interesting, what he did to Shiloh and attempted to do to Billie.

Reply: This is a great compilation for everyone to reference for this situation. Very helpful! Thank you for taking your time to get this together.

Ok. Listen up. This is very, very important.

Forget all the other red herring bullshit he flung around about whether that second girl is real/is lying. That is simply to distract you from the fact that the rest of what LuxyMoo said is fundamentally TRUE.

And here’s the important part, my darlings: When it comes to sex and/or sexual relationships you are absolutely allowed to change your mind AT ANY POINT and that DOES NOT make you a “player”. You aren’t “leading someone on” when you get so far and have a change of heart. You are simply taking the time to take care of yourself - and that IS ALLOWED.

Fuck this guy. Fuck his rape culture propoganda. Fuck his rampant hormones. Fuck his sham of a marriage - and honestly? Fuck his wife who allows him to use her to victimize young women while she plays social justice warrior on the interwebz about nonesense that offends her snowflake sensibilities. Shame on her.

Stay away from them, kids.
He is going to make this girl’s life hell. He is a predator.


We should all be proud of Lainey. Their video doesn’t make me look great but that’s my fault. I’m very sorry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCdETa_RvHk


So much love, very wow. Seriously what a prick. If my husband talked to me like that I’d really start to wonder why I was married to him. Yes, if I was married I’d expect my husband to help point out any problems I had with my diet but there is a much nicer way to go about that instead of, you know, putting someone on blast over social media


Original YouTube description below:

Uploaded on Feb 11, 2017

100 minutes of Sarah’s 139 minute video was nothing but her and Lainey staring at the screen reading questions, answering irrelevant questions and repeating things over and over again so I made a shorter, easier to understand video out of Sarah’s excessively long one. I have also synced the audio with the video because the original was way out of sync.



Onision isn't sorry

Onision has conceded that maybe he might be a little bit of an abuser because he took a couple of tests online in which he scored slightly above average. He’s admitted that he calls Lainey names and that’s about it. Emotional abuse is a thing and we have witnessed Onision perpetrate it in many forms.

● He revealed sensitive private information about his ex girlfriend which was told to him in confidence. It’s to be noted here that the ex girlfriend in question was eighteen when she began the relationship and he was 30.
● He filmed his ex girlfriend having some kind of psychotic break and then put it on the internet.
● He manipulated his wife into a triad relationship she wasn’t ready for and threatened to leave her for the third person if he wasn’t allowed to ignore all his wife’s boundaries.
● He consistently dates, socializes with, and talks about teenagers. Particularly teenage girls.
● He continues to profit from the private lives of many of the women he’s been involved with through his channel.

He’s not funny and nobody would give a shit about him if he wasn’t calling teenage girls fat one day, fucking them the next day, and talking shit about them the day after that.

He lies, he deflects, he nitpicks, he avoids the point and he does this to his AUDIENCE. Imagine what he’s doing to people in close relationships with.

Onision is beyond help. The apology video is a classic abuser tactic. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. I know I’ve said I won’t do it again before and I did it again but this time I really mean it. Believe me because I am the most honest YouTuber and that is a fact because I tell people whether or not I find them visually appealing and I tell everyone mine and others private information even if they dont want to know.


To support anyone arguing with Lainey is to betray a beautiful, honest & kind human being who was truly hurt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCdETa_RvHk

Will Our Marriage Survive

This video is kind of revealing. Not only because we get to find out Lainey’s “life-goals” (*Shudder*), but also because it gives us the slightest hint of what sort if therapy they sought and exactly why they abandoned it.

One of the questions:  “There’s a lot of give and take (both people have influence) in our discussion.”

Lainey immediately disagrees, saying something to the effect of how it’s always “your [Greg’s] way or I’m crazy”. Gaslighting spotted and admitted.

The next question is far more telling: “My partner listens respectfully even when we disagree.”

Lainey: “That’s what the Counselor told us we need to do. We did not do it.”

Contrast this to the last time Greg brought up marriage counseling. He said that the Counselor wasn’t helpful and they stopped going and it turned out that all they needed to do was sit down and talk. No wonder he couldn’t take the Counselor actually telling him to listen to his spouse and not cuddle with barely legal girls when she’s not around.

Best of luck with that career choice, Lainey, I hope you teach young girls how to be gaslighted by their asshole abusive girlfriends.


Laineybot has a new video :) (full of jokes)