I Don’t Play Nice

Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: Cheesy, Mentions of Matthews v Laine rivalry

POV: Second Person

Summary: Auston gets a bit fiery when he sees his girlfriend with Patrik Laine

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You stood looking around, slightly feeling anxious as you didn’t quite know where you were. 

It was only the first away game you were attending for Auston, and you were already freaking out because you couldn’t find your way around the place. 

You didn’t notice the person trying to get your attention until you felt them place their hand on your shoulder. 

You almost screamed as they stopped you from frantically spinning around.

It was Patrik Laine. 

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Torn (Part 1) - Jack Gilinsky/Nate Maloley Fan Fic

Lily POV- February 2015

I practically ran across campus to get back to my dorm to escape the cold Nebraska air. Times like this made me jealous of the Jacks who constantly reminded me of the warm LA weather. Fortunately, I would be visiting them in a month for spring break and I could not wait. It was nice having Laine and Mike around, and I saw Sammy and Nate every few weeks or so, but I really missed the Jacks. Well, mainly Gilinsky, I missed having my best friend around. We texted everyday, occasionally a phone call here and there.

I always had thoughts of Jack and I on a romantic level. Everyone thought we’d end up together after high school. I truly believed we’d end up together, but once he moved, I knew I couldn’t let that happen, I knew we wouldn’t survive a long distance relationship, so I never told him my feelings. As the months since graduation flew by, I found myself forgetting my feelings for Jack. Instead, I focused on Nate. We grew closer and closer, even kissed a few times while we were drunk. Nothing more happened though, as his popularity grew, I haven’t seen him as much.

I entered my room, Laine was at her desk scrolling through Facebook.“Hey Lily, how’s the weather?” she laughed.

“Freezing, you’re so lucky your class was cancelled today. Literally cannot wait until we’re in LA. I just wish Em was coming too.” I finished sadly, preceding to hop on my bed.

“I know, it sucks. Anyways, so Mike was just over and told me his frat is having a party tomorrow night and Sam and Nate are making the trip here. You down?” Laine asked.

“Yes, yes, yes I need a night out desperately!” I exclaimed.


The frat house was dirty, packed and smelled of a mix of alcohol and weed. The music blared through the speakers, I was already feeling tipsy. I found Laine talking to some random guy, I grabbed her aside so she could come to the bathroom with me. “Thanks for pulling me away, he was creepy.” I smiled over at her “That’s what I’m here for!”

I looked at myself in the mirror tucking a piece of my long dark brown hair behind my ear, it was always getting in my face. I fixed my cleavage, this low cut black flowy top made my boobs look amazing. Laine and I both reapplied lip gloss and we were ready to go.

We made our way back to the dance floor, refilling our cups with punch along the way. My hips swayed to Candy Shop and I couldn’t help but rap the lyrics. This song made me want to get down. I soon felt a pair of large hands slide around my waist, I recognized that cologne anywhere. I turned around to see Nate, I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I needed to not drunkingly hook up with him again.

“You look beautiful as usual Lily.” he leaned down and whispered in my ear. I felt his lips brush up against my ear ever so slightly, I shivered at the touch. I then felt a light smack in my ass, immediately knowing who that was.

“Sammy!!!!” I shouted turning around.

“Ayyyy what up Lils? I missed you, not as much as someone else though.” He said lowly so only I could hear. I smacked his chest in response. Before I knew it, Sam had found some random girl to hit on for the night. Laine and Mike were in a corner hooking up, they were a thing now. It was just me and Nate now, the song changed to Drop it Low, which caused Nate to grab my hand.

“Dance with me” he said with a smirk. I was not drunk enough for this, I pulled out my secret stash of vodka from my bag and downed a shot. Nate turned me around and put his hands on my waist, I loved the feeling but what I loved even more was that I could feel how hard he was getting as I was grinding on him. I enjoyed knowing that I had the power to turn him on like that.

I could feel him breathing down my neck, his lips were getting awfully close. I wanted this to happen, but at the same time I didn’t. What was wrong with me I began wondering, and then it hit me….. Jack Gilinsky.