We like gimmicks here at Got 'Em.  Last year, I ran #AllBlakeAllDay, which was 24 hours of Milkshake, and during the dog days of this past Summer’s thick, wet heat, I ran a Michael Jordan Photoshop Week.  Well, it’s a new year, and it’s time for a new gimmick.  I present the Got 'Em Face Mask Tribute.

You could make a serious, and rightful case for Rip Hamilton to kick start our week (and change), but I chose a different Piston.  Bill Laimbeer not only wore the first face mask I can remember seeing in a basketball game, but Laimbeer’s face mask was, by far, the most sentimental.  Why, you ask?  Because the remorseless, kid version of me was openly glad Laimbeer had to endure the pain of an eye socket fracture that extended down into his cheek.

I grew up on the Bad Boy Pistons, and still strongly believe in the philosophies that got them back-to-back titles - play constant, hard nosed defense for 48 minutes, and get the ball to the hot hand on offense.  I appreciate them now, but goddamn it took a long time.  The Pistons effectively ended the Showtime Lakers, and that was a mighty tough pill to swallow as a youth, especially with all of my Northwest Ohio neighbors hopping on the bandwagon.

It’s with that background that I celebrated Bill Laimbeer’s face mask - not because Bill was a warrior who refused to stop playing Detroit Piston basketball, regardless of the potential long-term damage he could do to himself, but because Bill Laimbeer had a broken face. 

And that was awesome.  Like Desert Storm, it brought our country together.


*Come back every day for a new face mask.

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Laimbeer says LeBron ‘can do more’ than MJ

Once a Bad Boy, always a Bad Boy. Former Detroit Pistons center and current WNBA New York Liberty coach Bill Laimbeer recently went on the Dan Patrick Show to talk about his team’s upcoming season.

In their best seasons:

Note: Players are taken at the prime of their careers. As for players who are still playing, then take their best season in their active ongoing career.

Team A:

Steve Nash
James Harden
Kevin Durant
Dirk Nowitzki
DeAndre Jordan


Team B:

Russell Westbrook
Kobe Bryant
Bruce Bowen
Kevin Garnett
Bill Laimbeer

Remember, at their primes. No Hack-a-Jordans.

Who wins?

Liberty defeat the Lynx 81-68, head to the playoffs for the first time since 2012

Liberty defeat the Lynx 81-68, head to the playoffs for the first time since 2012

The New York Liberty (19-8) defeated the Minnesota Lynx, 81-68, to clinch their first playoff berth since 2012. The team will play in the postseason for the 13th time in franchise history. Epiphanny Prince led the Liberty, finishing with 22 points. Tina Charles scored 18 points and pulled down 11 rebounds for her first double-double since August 7, but her 10th of the season and 107th of her…

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