Stripp eager { Lou & Lailu }

Louise could think exactly how The Heat would look like. When she was in France half of the slave houses looked like that - a bar, with tables, undressed waitresses, bad music, a stage and a pole. She hated to go to places like that, mostly because she had to share it men. The european country was classy, and so were the men, but still, the way they talked with their slave sometimes just pissed her the most. Even she herself treated them like that sometimes.

So if in France she didn’t have stomach for the experience, she wouldn’t even try in USA. The place would be messier and the men would be cheaper, probably. Louise couldn’t even remember of a Master in the city that reminded her of the French aside of Sebastien and Joseph. When she met some people that worked there, she had the idea that would be fun to watch, but not to join. It was just not her type of entertainment at all. 

Still, Louise was pacing around the house in the end of the sunday. Her body was on fire, and she knew that the only thing that could calm her down would be sex. It was like her blood was pulsing, waiting for something to get their rolling. Thinking about her options, she felt lost. Lia left the house some hours before, and Lou thought that she could use sometime after. Allie was out of the question because she needed to be around Lia for sometime. The other Mistress were probably sleeping or fucking her slaves. She could wake Georgie up, but it would take a while to warm her up. 

The lonely television screamed and took her attention. It was commercial of the Heath. In flashes, all the dancers showed up. Louise rolled her eyes at most of them, until a girl named Isis danced slowly. Smirking, Louise went to the phone, pressing the buttons that were in a sign in the screen now. This could be fun.