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New Collection and a look back on the year

Every year has its bumps, but this year has been bumpier than most. Our expansion has been rocky and we have struggled. For anyone who has been following us this year, I am sure this is not news.

When we first plotted out 2016, we planned for a slightly different trajectory. A little more successful, maybe a little less stressful [ lol - ofc ofc ]. Originally, this year was to contain approximately 4 collections; 12 books (titles with spines); maybe 8 zines; and an odd number of events.

I wouldn’t say we had major misses on meeting those targets. Some titles were simply delayed and some events were maybe more disorganized than even I could imagine, which is quite a feat.

It’s certainly been fun, if not emotionally and financially exhausting. But wow, what we accomplished this year — for all this year’s hardships and struggles — it’s pretty amazing:

  • Hooked up with major distribution partner, Consortium. 
  • Organized approximately 9 Altcomics events across 5 cities; released 3 issues of our magazine; attended 11 Festivals; published 2 mini’s, 10 books with spines.
  • We did our first book with Buenos Aires based artist, Powerpaola, flying her out to Toronto to attend TCAF, where we debuted her book Virus Tropical alongside 8 other books!!
  • MariNaomi, went on something like a 20 stop tour (!!!CRAZY!!!) with her new book Turning Japanese — she is constantly touring, just an incredible working artist.
  • Gulag Casual artist, Austin English had an extensive residency via The Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program at DUMBO and curated Blackboard a gallery show at LAND.
  • Maggie Umber was included in a group show at zeitraumexit called “…and other stories”. It included work by Alyssa Berg, Julia Gfrörer, Aidan Koch, Laila Milevski. In addition, Maggie & Raighne lead 2 workshops in Mannheim Germany.
  • Richard McGuire, Maggie Umber, Raighne and moderator Jakob Hoffmann discuss ‘Comics as Job’ at Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt for a panel in support of Richards TimeSpace: After Here exhibition. This was amazingly Maggie’s first panel!
  • Andrew Burkholder had a solo gallery show for his new book ITDN at Hidden Dog Gallery.
  • Gina Wynbrandt was in a group gallery show called Maybe She’s Born With It in Belfast Ireland with Sarah Maple and Nicky Minus at The Naughton Gallery.
  • Gina’s book Someone Please Have Sex With Me SOLD OUT of its first print run! Which is incredible! We did a second printing and just last month the book is back in shops.
  • We had 2 successful Kickstarters with our Winter & Spring Collections.

Additionally, we have received some of the best press and praise. All which has been extremely validating. So, while it’s certainly been a tough year with a lot of hardships, financial troubles and tears – there was also a lot of success, happiness, and laughter. And we could not have done all of this without you, without YOUR support and belief. Thank you so much! You have all made this worth it. Sending you all our love and gratitude! :’) xoxo

Now, as usual, we are running late. We are closing out the year with our latest collection, our Fall 2016 books. They’re gorgeous, genuine and real — produced by some of the most exciting young artists from creative pockets all over the world. Sab Meynert in Toronto; Tommi Parrish formerly in Melbourne, now in Montreal; Jake Terrell in Brooklyn; Carta Monir in Michigan; Simon Hanselmann originally from Tasmania, now in Seattle; and a new full color issue of Altcomics Magazine featuring interviews with Maggie Umber, Juliacks, Christopher L. G. Hill, Tracy Auch, Wiley Guillot and part 1 of a larger look at the rise of feminism in Korea as a counter to the growing “Alt-Right” movement by Kim Jooha.

— Sprawling Heart by Sab Meynert
— Perfect Hair by Tommi Parrish
— Extended Play by Jake Terrell

— Secure Connect by Carta Monir
— DRONE by Simon Hanselmann*
— Altcomics Magazine 4
*DRONE is only available at the 50$ level, and limited to 200 copies.

For an introduction to Sab Meynert, Tommi Parrish, and Carta Monir, they are together on a sleepover episode of the podcast We Should Be Friends. It is an absolutely lovely episode, I stopped everything I was doing just to listen.

We are 43% towards our goal and have 24 days left yet to get there. If you have enjoyed our previous collections, I think you will love this one as well. And if you value the type of comics we’ve been publishing, please consider supporting us once again and letting people know about what we are doing on social media.

Your belief and support is what keeps us running.
Thank you so much <3<3 !!
raighne & everyone at 2dcloud