Aquarius sometimes gets sad that they don’t have birthdays because they aren’t people. He had casually brought this up to Pisces yesterday, and after thinking about it for a while, Pice decided that he would do his best to make Aquarius a birthday cake for the next day… So now Aquarius has a birthday. It’s January 29th. 

(It’s also @laikachi ‘s birthday- It’s not like this is related or anything though. cough cough.) 

Oh, I’m sorry for being late on this! I got back from work and have been debating a [totally unnecessary] purchase for hours (you guys are about to get a post asking for help about it). Anyway, thanks for asking (I’m including bishwe’s ask too), here we go!

Foxglove-Name three facts about your family:
   1. We’re blended! My mom had three, my dad had three, and they got married :]
    2. I’m the second youngest but the last one at home (out of college and with no money, sooooo)
   3. My mom is the only one out of all of us to dislike sushi (why that fact)

Hibiscus-Did you ever play an instrument? If so what:
   I played flute all through middle school and the first year of college! I hardly pick it up now, but I miss playing in an ensemble and will never completely give it up. I intend to learn mandolin one day!

Heliconia-Do you like it when it rains:
   I am a lover of the sun to be true, but I do like when it rains! Thunderstorms are exciting, regular showers calming and good for naps, and my favorite type of rain is a sunshower (best of both)

Azalea (laikachi I got this 8x and idk if it was on purpose but it was hilarious)-What’s a movie you cried while watching: I don’t know if there are 8, but I’ll do as many as I can think of! Don’t judge lol
   1. The Pokemon Movie (can you blame me)
   2. The Rugrats Movie (when Tommy and Dill are in the forest and Tommy is cracking under emotions and pressure….oh my heart…)
   3. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I don’t really remember why. I’m embarrassed I teared up tbh)
   4. Man On Fire (one of my favorite films)
   5. The Grey (I’ve always loved that whole “do not go gentle into that good night” aesthetic, and this gave me a similar feeling to “To An Athlete Dying Young”, my favorite poem and basically about dying while at your prime…idk that whole feeling is incredibly poignant and beautiful to me >.>;; )
Hmm there may be more but those are the main ones I think.

Sorry this got so long, thanks for asking! :D


Our Attack on Titan group this weekend held an Ask the 104th panel at G-Anime 2014. It was 2 hours of amazing fun. I am so glad that everything came together and worked out so well <3 I hope we can do this again. 


Connie: xneverconformx

Reiner: ojiogouji


Annie- emperiocism

Ymir- karanomori

Mikasa: wonderlandstrash

Bert: glasscageproject

Eren: telltale-sheriff

Armin: mustjoineverything

Christa: estellecampanella 

Levi: alpatcha



Sasha: eebanee

Hanji: GreasyHairedTitanLover

Jean: Laikachi