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one of the reasons I don’t really ‘get’ people who make fun of kids with silly, super self indulgent OCs/self inserts is because as an adult I still have those. I just don’t share em. But you can bet after seeing a great movie I spend the whole car ride home imagining the WORST possible self insert and enjoying the helllllllll out of it

18th May 2017

i’ve been really into doodling lately ohmy 🙈🌻and guysss please recommend me an anime to watch i just finished anohana and i cried so much

currently listening to — first love // bts

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I was gonna cheat on this day and just reblog something I made befo re but then this happened and now it cannot be undone i’m sorry

[PART 1]

Marichat May (Something Sweet) II


look at this team! we’re gonna do great