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*gasp* A FELLOW FILIPINO?! I find people like us rare to find in Tumblr XD Kamusta? ^^


happy chinese new year!!! ^o^ i hope you had a good one (or maybe it was just noisy HAHAHA nakaktakot ang paputok so please be safe)!!

please receive my tikoy of friendship HAHAHAHA 

i think na marami naman filipino sa tumblr!! but they don’t use filipino in speaking much (and don’t really explicitly point out in their blog that they’re fil) :)) tumblr is so diverse that english is probably one of the few lingua francas here hehe

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 Official Line Up + Information


  1. Adriana Lima
  2. Alessandra Ambrósio
  3. Elsa Hosk
  4. Josephine Skriver
  5. Jasmine Tookes
  6. Lais Ribeiro
  7. Lily Aldridge
  8. Martha Hunt
  9. Romee Strijd
  10. Sara Sampaio
  11. Stella Maxwell
  12. Taylor Marie Hill 

Models confirmed to walk: 

  1. Barbara Fialho
  2. Cindy Bruna
  3. Georgia Fowler (newcomer)
  4. Lais Oliveira (newcomer)
  5. Zuri Tibby (newcomer) 
  6. Herieth Paul  (newcomer) 
  7. Rachel Hilbert 
  8. Megan Williams (newcomer)
  9. Sui He
  10. Kate Grigorieva
  11. Valery Kaufman
  12. Bella Hadid (newcomer)
  13. Devon Windsor
  14. Ming Xi 
  15. Bridget Malcolm 
  16. Liu Wen
  17. Sanne Vloet 
  18. Daniela Braga
  19. Leomie Anderson
  20. Keke Lindgard  (newcomer)
  21. Luma Grothe  (newcomer) 
  22. Izabel Gourlart
  23. Dilone (newcomer) 
  24. Jourdana Elizabeth (newcomer) 
  25. Kelly Gale
  26. Maggie Laine (newcomer)
  27. Alanna Arrington (newcomer)
  28. Grace Elizabeth (newcomer)
  29. Joan Smalls
  30. Maria Borges
  31. Gigi Hadid
  32. Brooke Perry  (newcomer)
  33. Lameka Fox (newcomer)
  34. Ju Xiao Wen (newcomer)
  35. Flavia Lucini
  36. Lily Donaldson
  37. Kendall Jenner
  38. Camille Rowe (newcomer)
  39. Irina Shayk (newcomer) 

Date: The show will be recorded on November 30 and will air December 5 on CBS.

Location: Grand Palais, Paris. 

Fantasy Bra: Jasmine Tooke with the “Bright Night Fantasy Bra”

Segments: The Road Ahead, Secret Angel, Moutain Romance, PINK Nation, Dark Angel, Bright Night Angel.

Performers: Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd

EXO reaction to you falling on them and ripping their trousers

I really really hope you don’t mind I made this a little smutty.. I’m sorry I can’t contain myself! Love <3 Admin A~

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Chanyeol: “Well they were new but I forgive you because you are cute” *Tries to flirt even though the situation is pretty awkward*

Kris: “What do you th… beautiful” *He is angry but tries to control himself because he totally fell for you*

Sehun: “Girl what are your intentions?” *Notices where your hand is and totally forgets about you ripping his new brand jeans*

Tao: “What is your problem?! They were gucci! *So pissed*

Kai: “Hey cutie.. are you okay? Don’t worry about them, it was an accident” *Polite as ever*

Xiumin: *You try to apologize but he can’t hear you, he is totally lost in the thought of you two in another similar situation*

Baekhyun: *Totally enjoys the fact that you are on top of him and starts moving his hips to get closer to you* “Well we are going to have to take them off don’t you think?”

Luhan: *Immediately flirts with you* “Oh look they broke.. You are going to have to give me your number so we fix this later”.

Chen: “Oh no you didn’t. You are going to pay little mortal” (Imagine you are Kyungsoo)

Kyungsoo: *Doesn’t know if he should worry about the fact that his shorts are all ripped or you being on top of him*

Lay: *Finds the situation about his pants funny* “Hehe are you all right??”

Suho: *Takes them off* “Don’t worry beautiful, they are just clothes” *Hot Suho is on the house*

EXO’s Reaction To You Pulling An All-Nighter For A Project

Anon Requested: EXO reacting to you pulling an all-nighter to finish a project? thank you!! <3 ^^

Back at it again with an EXO reaction. LOL. I hope you enjoy!!! -Admin Joey


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*A little Worried and Understanding” “What project is this for?” He’d bring up all kinds of questions interrogating you with them. He’d understand that this project is important but it’s also important that you get enough sleep. The lack of sleep for you meant taking naps during the day and although he loved taking naps with you, it meant he’d spend less time with you. “When is this due? Why are you doing it only now? When was this project given to you?” As you’d explain his eyes would soften showing that he’d understood. He’d nod his head and leave you alone to work. Before he walks away he’d point a finger at you “I know you’ll eventually fall asleep while working…” 


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*Slight Chastising* “你看,很晚了你还美睡。这是什么工作?” (Look, it’s very late and you aren’t going sleep. What work is this?)  His look would be full of worry for your health. Missing one night of sleep he understood but, one night of not sleeping will affect the way you feel the next day. As you’d explain to him how important it was to you he’d sigh in defeat. Truly if it really was important to you then maybe he’d be okay with you pulling an all nighter. “Don’t even think about doing this next time cause I’m 


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*Very understanding but also kind of confused* “If it’s really important then, I get it.” He’d be gazing at you with a confused look, tilting his head side to side as he thought. “What can I do to make sure there isn’t so much stress? Tea? Snacks?” He’d think to himself. “Just call me when you need anything. I’ll be inside the room waiting for you to call me for something…” He’d trail off. When you thanked him he’d just simply answer “Anything for you as long as you finish what you need.”


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*Deep in thought* As soon as you mentioned to him about pulling an all-nighter he’d go straight to thinking “I’ve got to cook some kind of food. She might get hungry later on.” He’d just tell you “It’s fine. You do you. If you get hungry don’t hesitate to call me cause I’ll be expecting you to call me so I can cook you some food.” He’d send you a small smile before going back into thought about other things. During the night, he’d just constantly glance or walk past you to check up on you.


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*SUPER supportive* Once you said something about working on a project he would’ve started smiling. As you continued from where you left off he’d nod with a smile playing on his face. “Yay! It’s good your gonna try to finish your project. Your project must be very important.” He’d say while clapping his hands together. “I’ll help you… well, if you need help anyways… 加油 (Jiayou/Fighting)


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“Well, if it’s work then, I’m okay with it. If it wasn’t you would have to go straight to sleep. I don’t wanna have you wasting your beauty sleep.” He’d sound worried and calm at the same time. You’d explain to him that there is nothing to worry about and if he’d like you’d stay home the next day to catch up on sleep. “As long as you are fine and happy, I’m happy.” He’d listen to how you stressed over all the work you yet had to finish and how much time you have left. 


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*Worried-ish* “A-All-nighter?!? Haven’t you had enough of all-nighters?” He’d place a hand on your shoulder with furrowed up brows on his face. You’d explain how these past weeks you’ve been burdened with work and it is ABSOLUTELY important that you finish them on time. “You seem to be barely getting sleep… I’m worried… about you.” He’d look away then look back at you with a soft gaze. “I can’t believe I’m saying this… if you really have to then sure.” 


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*Really smart* “Staying up all night means you wouldn’t have enough sleep the next day and you’d be really tired. But, if it’s a project then you have to finish the project no matter what. Honestly, don’t you think you could’ve done more work before than having to do more work now? It’s totally up to you.”  He’d be considerate to what you felt was more important and whichever you picked he’d be fine with. “If your gonna work on your project make sure to eat sometime and drink water. You don’t wanna be too overworked.”


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*Cute AF* “Do you have to?….” He’d be worried but he’d know that he can’t to anything to keep you away from doing work. “J-Just don’t over work it. When you finish, you finish. Go straight to bed no questions.” He’d state strictly. He’d force an angry grin on his face but instead, it’d just end up as a cute frown. “YAH! I’m serious you know!” He’d scream frantically. 


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“If it really is necessary…” He’d speak casually. You’d nod at him before getting to work but on your way he’d constantly scream out “Yah! You can’t just walk away now to do your project now?” You’d ignore his calls and keep on doing your own thing. He’d watch you walk out and say to himself “Wha Jinja… How am I so lucky? She’s perfect.”


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*Tryna Convince you* “Go to sleep y/n. I don’t think you should pull an all-nighter…” He’d say wearily. “You’re just giving yourself more work…. You have eno-” He’d doze off before finishing his sentence. “Well, there is no one to stop me…” You’d say to his sleeping figure. You’d sit at the desk that had all your work laid out. “Imma finish you.” You’d say looking at your project with a pencil in your hand.


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*Chill AF* “Feel free to do whatever you want. If it’s worth it then fine. Go ahead.” He’d tell you supportively. He’d keep to himself the thoughts of why he even allowed you to stay up all night. Although he’d be okay with you pulling an all-nighter he’d just keep an eye out for you from afar.

Exo reaction when you tell him that you’re pregnant and then telling the other members

Xiumin: He would be really proud when you both tell the members about your pregnancy. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for a whole week.

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Luhan: would act like a boss. 

“Yeah you heard right guys, I’m gonna be a dad, so who says I’m not manly?!”

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Kris: would try to hold his cold city image but would fail immediately and freak out as much as the members when they heard the news.

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Suho: wouldn’t even try to hold back his tears when he sees how happy his members are for him, the feelings would simply overflow him.

“Thanks guys, that means a lot to me!”

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Lay:  He still doesn’t realize what was really happened when you told the members about your pregnancy so he would be pretty calm but when he finally realized what that really means for you two, he would be a smiling unicorn for the rest of his life okay at least until your daughter/son brings home his/her first boy/girlfriend

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Baekhyun: He would facetime Chanyeol immediately after you told him and the only thing you could hear for the rest of the night was the fangirl noises coming from the two boys.

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Chen: would stop being a sassy asshole for the first time in his life and show you how happy he is before telling Minseok, the rest of the members, his agency, the president and every other person on this planet.

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Chanyeol: You thought Chanyeol can’t possibly become even more of a happy virus? Wrong. He would smile from on ear to the other and his smile would never fade again. He would run to the other members and tell them the good news before celebrating the fact that he will be a father soon.

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D.O: would be a giggling mess. After you two decided to tell the rest of the boys he wouldn’t waste any time and drive to the dorm. The members would freak out as much as he does .Beagle line would probably tease him a bit whith saying that they will make his child one of them but he wouldn’t take it too serious.

“I swear Baekhyun, if you come near my child I will kill you!”

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Tao: “Yep, Jackpot, I know, I’m the luckiest man on the planet, now.. let’s celebrate the fact that I will have my own family in a few months”

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Kai: Every one of them would be so happy for him and tell how exited they are that they will all become uncles.

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Sehun: The members would start asking him if he feels ready to be a father and if he needs any tips or help he should call them immediately. He would get annoyed pretty easily but would also understand that they just want to help him since he’s their younger brother. But he would guarantee them that he knows what he’s doing even if he doesn’t and that they should trust him.

“hey guys, you should trust me, I can do this.”

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