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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 Official Line Up + Information


  • Adriana Lima
  • Alessandra Ambrósio
  • Candice Swanepoel
  • Elsa Hosk
  • Josephine Skriver
  • Jasmine Tookes
  • Lais Ribeiro
  • Lily Aldridge
  • Martha Hunt
  • Romee Strijd
  • Sara Sampaio
  • Stella Maxwell
  • Taylor Marie Hill


  • Aiden Curtiss (newcomer)        
  • Alanna Arrington      
  • Alecia Morais (newcomer)        
  • Alexina Graham (newcomer)      
  • Amilna Estevao (newcomer)        
  • Barbara Fialho
  • Bella Hadid     
  • Blanca Padilla        
  • Bruna Lirio        
  • Cindy Bruna      
  • Daniela Braga      
  • Daria Khlystun (newcomer)      
  • Devon Windsor      
  • Dilone    
  • Estelle Chen  (newcomer)      
  • Frida Aasen (newcomer)    
  • Georgia Fowler
  • Gigi Hadid      
  • Gizele Oliveira (newcomer)      
  • Grace Bol (newcomer)    
  • Grace Elizabeth    
  • Herieth Paul      
  • Irina Sharipova    
  • Jourdana Elizabeth       
  • Julia Belyakova (newcomer)  
  • Karlie Kloss
  • Kate Grigorieva
  • Kelly Gale
  • Lameka Fox      
  • Leila Nda  
  • Leomie Anderson      
  • Liu Wen
  • Maggie Laine    
  • Maria Borges  
  • Mayowa Nicholas (newcomer)    
  • Megan Williams
  • Ming Xi
  • Nadine Leopold (newcomer)
  • Roosmarijn de Kok (newcomer)
  • Samile Bermannelli (newcomer)      
  • Sanne Vloet
  • Sui He        
  • Vanessa Moody (newcomer)  
  • Victoria Lee (newcomer)
  • Xin Xie  (newcomer)
  • Xio Wen      
  • Zuri Tibby  

Date: The show will air November 28 at 10/9C on CBS.

Location: Shanghai, China.

Fantasy Bra: Unknown

Segments: Unknown

Performers: Unknown

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*gasp* A FELLOW FILIPINO?! I find people like us rare to find in Tumblr XD Kamusta? ^^


happy chinese new year!!! ^o^ i hope you had a good one (or maybe it was just noisy HAHAHA nakaktakot ang paputok so please be safe)!!

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i think na marami naman filipino sa tumblr!! but they don’t use filipino in speaking much (and don’t really explicitly point out in their blog that they’re fil) :)) tumblr is so diverse that english is probably one of the few lingua francas here hehe

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 Official Line Up + Information


  1. Adriana Lima
  2. Alessandra Ambrósio
  3. Elsa Hosk
  4. Josephine Skriver
  5. Jasmine Tookes
  6. Lais Ribeiro
  7. Lily Aldridge
  8. Martha Hunt
  9. Romee Strijd
  10. Sara Sampaio
  11. Stella Maxwell
  12. Taylor Marie Hill 

Models confirmed to walk: 

  1. Barbara Fialho
  2. Cindy Bruna
  3. Georgia Fowler (newcomer)
  4. Lais Oliveira (newcomer)
  5. Zuri Tibby (newcomer) 
  6. Herieth Paul  (newcomer) 
  7. Rachel Hilbert 
  8. Megan Williams (newcomer)
  9. Sui He
  10. Kate Grigorieva
  11. Valery Kaufman
  12. Bella Hadid (newcomer)
  13. Devon Windsor
  14. Ming Xi 
  15. Bridget Malcolm 
  16. Liu Wen
  17. Sanne Vloet 
  18. Daniela Braga
  19. Leomie Anderson
  20. Keke Lindgard  (newcomer)
  21. Luma Grothe  (newcomer) 
  22. Izabel Gourlart
  23. Dilone (newcomer) 
  24. Jourdana Elizabeth (newcomer) 
  25. Kelly Gale
  26. Maggie Laine (newcomer)
  27. Alanna Arrington (newcomer)
  28. Grace Elizabeth (newcomer)
  29. Joan Smalls
  30. Maria Borges
  31. Gigi Hadid
  32. Brooke Perry  (newcomer)
  33. Lameka Fox (newcomer)
  34. Ju Xiao Wen (newcomer)
  35. Flavia Lucini
  36. Lily Donaldson
  37. Kendall Jenner
  38. Camille Rowe (newcomer)
  39. Irina Shayk (newcomer) 

Date: The show will be recorded on November 30 and will air December 5 on CBS.

Location: Grand Palais, Paris. 

Fantasy Bra: Jasmine Tooke with the “Bright Night Fantasy Bra”

Segments: The Road Ahead, Secret Angel, Moutain Romance, PINK Nation, Dark Angel, Bright Night Angel.

Performers: Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd

EXO reaction to you falling on them and ripping their trousers

I really really hope you don’t mind I made this a little smutty.. I’m sorry I can’t contain myself! Love <3 Admin A~

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Chanyeol: “Well they were new but I forgive you because you are cute” *Tries to flirt even though the situation is pretty awkward*

Kris: “What do you th… beautiful” *He is angry but tries to control himself because he totally fell for you*

Sehun: “Girl what are your intentions?” *Notices where your hand is and totally forgets about you ripping his new brand jeans*

Tao: “What is your problem?! They were gucci! *So pissed*

Kai: “Hey cutie.. are you okay? Don’t worry about them, it was an accident” *Polite as ever*

Xiumin: *You try to apologize but he can’t hear you, he is totally lost in the thought of you two in another similar situation*

Baekhyun: *Totally enjoys the fact that you are on top of him and starts moving his hips to get closer to you* “Well we are going to have to take them off don’t you think?”

Luhan: *Immediately flirts with you* “Oh look they broke.. You are going to have to give me your number so we fix this later”.

Chen: “Oh no you didn’t. You are going to pay little mortal” (Imagine you are Kyungsoo)

Kyungsoo: *Doesn’t know if he should worry about the fact that his shorts are all ripped or you being on top of him*

Lay: *Finds the situation about his pants funny* “Hehe are you all right??”

Suho: *Takes them off* “Don’t worry beautiful, they are just clothes” *Hot Suho is on the house*