lai xi


Luhan practicing his solo dance,ft Lay,Sehun,Chanyeol,Kai……….and a random Baekhyun

I’d like to know where the video is from.
Exo’s Reaction when they catch Luhan watching gay porn

Kai: “This is why you said that you want to measure our cooks ?”

Baekhyun: “Don’t explain yourself….save your breath… You’ll need it to blow up some dude.”

D.o.: “You’ll die in a severe boner dysfunction.”

Suho: “You’re joining the priesthood tomorrow.”

Lay: “Hyung, why are those 2 dudes humping ?”

Chen: “If you’re like this  the only way you’ll ever get laid is if you crawl up a dolphin’s ass and wait.”

Chanyeol: “Is that a double ended dildo ?”

Tao: “Is your ass happy of the amount of shit you’re looking at ?”

Sehun: “HE’S GAY ?? Thank you god, now we can make one together.”

Xiumin: “Life goal: stay away from Luhan.”

Kris: “I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass.”

Luhan: “I swear i mistook the category.”

g-d help the girl - a playlist for lesbians & all other girls who like girls

i. girls / beatrice eli ii. bestie / sizzy rocket iii. boyfriend / tegan and sara iv. girl crush / mamamoo v. lgbt / lowell vi. pretty girl / hayley kiyoko vii. girl / the internet ft. kaytranada viii. on parade / electrelane ix. pretty / the cranberries x. we might be dead by tomorrow / soko xi. recessional / vienna teng xii. till i’m sore / ink elk xiii. g-d help the girl / g-d help the girl xiv. she rules / kate nash xv. where the girls are / the gossip xvi. rebecca / against me !

I like how the (ex) chinese members of exo have songs named after them:
Luhan’s Lu
Tao’s T.A.O
Lay’s Y.I.X.I.N.G
All that’s left is Kris’s song but how many song titles would that song have? It’ll be hard to mention it because it could go like:
“Hey have you heard Yifan’s new song Y.I.F.A.N!?”
“Wait…I thought it was called KRIS?”
“No, both of you are wrong. The song is called Kevin.”