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If he ain’t paying, why are you laying .

Sis let me explain something.

All that lovey Dovey stuff is cute but what are you getting in return? What does he have to offer you other than his love cause love don’t pay no bills.

I can play with my own pussy and not suffer from heart ache because some fuck boy doesn’t understand the concept of actual love.

Love young will have you looking dumb.

Get a degree or two, travel the world, be about you. These are your selfish years…bring every man to his knees .

Make him pay, why ? Because you are gold baby everything about you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes Gold! Name a place where you get gold free?

Name anything in this world that don’t have a price? Don’t worry, I’ll wait ….


Lay taking care of his the NCT Chinese babies is my new aesthetic

Tokyo Ghoul: re [quest] #002  [union]

NOTICE: This translation does not base on original version of the novel (which is Japanese), but on the official Mandarin/Traditional Chinese version. Some contents or meaning may be misinterpreted due to multiple translations between different languages and my personal misunderstandings or inability. Also, since English isn’t my mother language, some grammar mistakes may be unavoidable. Please, do point out any parts you find strange or mistaken.

DISCLAIMER: This translation is for the purpose of my personal language practicing only. I do not own or originally created any contents in this novel. Tokyo Ghoul :re[quest] (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-:re[quest]) is written by Towada Shin (十和田シン), which based on Tokyo Ghoul(東京喰種トーキョーグール) series, the creation of Ishida Sui (石田スイ). Thus, all the rights of this work reserved to Ishida Sui, Towada Shin and the publisher, Shueisha Inc. (株式会社集英社). All the Mandarin/Traditional Chinese version’s rights reserved to its publisher Sharp Point Publishing (尖端出版) and the translator Lai Si-Yu (賴思宇). Please do not rehost without citation or reuse this translation, especially not in the any forms of profitable usages. If you’re interested, buy official copy when it’s available in your region.


Hiding under other people’s wings forever, then you’ll end up achieve nothing, and lose everything

So she raised up her courage, stepped into the shade of the Tree where could never be shined by sunlight, for she hoped she herself would have enough strength to help others.

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Everybody know that one kpop fan or friend who be like “I WANT *Idol name* TO BEAT ME THE FUCK UP” “I WANNA BE IN THE FRONT ROW WERE IF HE BREATHE I’LL FEEL IT” “*Idol name* CAN THROW ME ACROSS THE ROOM AND I STILL WON’T FUCKING CARE” 

And we just sitting here like:

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I wish any of biases would try to beat me the fuck up or throw my ass across a room, that’s the day they sexy ass would get fucked up.

EXO Reaction when their younger teen sister goes out all dressed up to impress her crush

Xoxo, Admin A~

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*Ready to go kill someone* “I’m not letting anyone near my sister! Even if it’s the last thing I do!”


“You might like him very much and everything… but you are not leaving this house dressed like this. Unless I come with you”


*He’ll just be there, everywhere you go. He’ll wait outside if needed, but he ain’t leaving you alone looking so fine*


“AIsh this girl… she seriously thinks I’m not doing anything about this… she just gained a personal bodyguard”


*This is him at the door* “You. Are. Not. Going. No.”


“Please no… tell me she hasn’t reached that age… I don’t want to be a protective brother… but… I can’t help it”


*Giving real advice*


“Oh no no no… unless he’s a real man.. I’m not letting you go looking like this…”


“Uh no. If he is going to like you, he’ll like you without make up and short dresses. Go back to your room and wear some jeans!” *There’s always some wisdom in his words*


*Someone. Should. Run. Away.* “Not… with my sister!”


“See sis… as much as I don’t like this… I know I can’t stop it. You are gorgeous.. just be sure he treats you right okay? If not all you need is call”


*He’ll try to look cool about it but in reality he has his people investigating this boy and making sure his sis is safe*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Let’s Just Laze [ night ver ]

Wanna One’s Bae Jinyoung X Reader [ fem ver ]


bullet-point ver.

wanna one masterlist
produce 101 masterlist

day ver [ coming soon ]

• lazy nights with your boyfriend, Bae Jinyoung
• just fluffy and pure

finals are taking a toll on me. I’m literally only able to write late at night or on the way to school in the mornings rip lol
but I have to do something more productive than sleeping all the time
not prepared for finals at all I can just throw myself off a bridge
but I hope you like your Baejin fluff sis, @lai-gvanlin !! even if it is in bullet-point

- Admin L

🌗 nights with Bae Jinyoung 

• honestly
• you don’t know anymore, all you know is that you fell asleep in a really comfortable place
• your finals just ended and after days of cramming and endless studying, you’re drained of all energy yet you still agree to go hang out with your boyfriend
• luckily, you guys just crash at his place
• it’s like 3.30pm? you guys should be going to celebrate by getting milk tea
• but it is your Senior year finals and it is just too tiring and it wore you out completely
• his parents are overseas for work so the house just holds the two of you
• you have no shame
• you throw yourself onto Jinyoung’s bed and before you know it, your head droops and your eyes flutter shut
• zzzzzzzz
• Jinyoung comes back with a glass of water for you only you fast asleep on his bed
• the smile on his face
• o m g
• he’s just super amused and happy you’re finally resting
• you deserve to sleep as much as you like without being disturbed so he takes the couch
• idk another way to spell cuddles is J i n y o u n g
• but at the same time he doesn’t want to disrupt your sleep
• he catches zzzzz on the couch
• when you open your eyes, it’s pitch dark other than the moonlight shining in from his open window
• it takes you a few minutes to recount what happened
• you know like that weird feeling when you’re awake but not really
• yes, that
• you find Jinyoung asleep outside in his living room and lets out a series of ‘aww’s bc why not he’s adorable
• you realise neither of you have eaten dinner so dig around in his kitchen, making a mental note to reimburse his parents
• but they love you so much they won’t have it. in fact, they’ll probably buy groceries for you
• you find a ton of stuff
• at first, you aren’t quite sure what to cook and you want to just run to the nearby convenience store to buy instant noodles
• but you’re also like ‘f*ck that Jinyoung deserves healthy food’
• ‘I am talent.’
• ‘I scored an A* for home economics Gordon Ramsay is shaking’
• also bc you two are a domestic couple
• so wholesome :“)
• Jinyoung wakes up to the smell of food cooking in the kitchen and the thinks someone broke into the house
• he doesn’t go to investigate because he’s tired
• ‘Did they break in because they wanted to use my kitchen? They can’t be dangerous.’
• 'They could be boiling a huge pot of water to dunk you in.’
• yup, he’s up and at you
• but his anxieties fade when he sees you just out here cooking
lmao I actually can’t cook rip future husband idk how I got that A in home economics
• you’re just casually boiling soup and adding carrots in when Jinyoung hops onto the counter
• 'Babe, what are you doing?’
• 'Cooking dinner? We both didn’t eat.’
• he laughs and ruffles your hair, 'You know we could have gone out somewhere nice right?’
• you raise your eyebrows and holds up a knife like bOI
• 'Are you saying my cooking isn’t good?’
• wh00ps Jinyoung
• 'no! No! You don’t have to slave over it. You should have woken me up!’
• lol Jinyoung you sleep too deeply
• you shake your head and continue focusing on the food
• ’….so what are you making?’
• ’……um you’ll see.’
• Jinyoung offers to help and he does even after your endless protests
• guys i had to google what to cook, easy dishes etc can you believe this what a great wife i’ll be
just gonna assume Jinyoung likes traditional Korean food so you’re like bitch let me impress you with my skills I will surprise you we didn’t even learn this in home economics watch me
• ’…….is that….sujebi?’
• ’….yes.’
• bc you are a domestic goddess you also made a ton more food
• with Jinyoung’s help
• tbh he isn’t a terrible cook
• very diligent and precise
• measures each cube of onion to perfection
• this turned into cooking with Jinyoung
• Gordon Ramsay who? I only know a Bae Jinyoung
• he did like two steps before giving up and considered calling his mother to thank her
• love and respect your parents :”)
• 'you know Y/N you’ll make a great mother one day’ he says without thinking and then proceeds to melt into the floor
• his knife nearly clatters to the floor
• you pretend you didn’t hear that but your red face exposes you
• 'I’M SORRY!’
• ’…it’s fine.’
• …..Jinyoung leaves the kitchen out of embarrassment
• but not before completing his tasks and asking if you need anymore help
• you’re good and honestly, you’d probably combust at the sight of Jinyoung being more domestic
• like some newlyweds or something
• anyway
• he proceeds to raid his hidden snack pile in his room and cries into his pillow
• poor baby
• only shows his face again when he hears the telltale sign of silverware
• helps to set the table
• still can’t look you in the eye but you’re pretty used to it by now
• he’s!! still!! shy!! around!! you!! let!! him!! live!!
• you literally pull a Masterchef move and dramatically lift off the cover of the pot
• 'voilà’
• me as a chef
• he starts taking a lot of pictures and won’t stop thanking you
• you?? are?? literally?? perfect??
• wifey material
• he’s going to put a ring on you
• when he brings out his polaroid camera you’re like 'nO JINYOung STOP THIS’
• takes polaroids anyways
• you two talk over dinner
• about your day, exams, school, life, weird things like why pizzas are circular but you cut them into triangles, why chairs has the word 'hairs’ in it
• then you lounge on the couch while Jinyoung does the dishes
• you’re smiling bc it feels like you guys are a real couple now
• the night is still young
• boi wdym it’s like 9pm ?? let me sleep
• but you two decide to watch a movie
• Ironman becomes Toy Story and then Finding Dory then Me Before You
• laughter becomes cries
• your head rests on his shoulder and he’s holding you close
• lol when will I ever
• the movie ends and you two decide to call it a night
• after that, you try to untangle yourself from Jinyoung
• the time is like wh00ps it’s 2am
• Jinyoung goes to get ready for bed and you wait for him in the living room
• you send him memes while waiting
• he comes back and pretty much insists on you showering and staying over since it’s so late
• you don’t really have a say in the matter but it isn’t bad, he uses strawberry scented shampoo
• you come out of the shower smelling like fresh strawberries and wrapped up in one of his shirts and spare running shorts
• bc you’re always prepared
• Jinyoung is prone to melting into the floor pls watch him
• he watches you struggle to dry your hair
• 'sorry babe but…would you let me help you?’
• you happily agree and surprisingly, he’s really good with hair and styling
• considering the fact that he always goes to the salon and never actually does anything by himself
• you are pretty impressed by how good he is with the hair brush and hairdryer
• towel dries after your hair is only partially damp because he’s scared of drying out your luscious hair completely
• also because he has burnt out a hairdryer before and doesn’t want to risk his expensive one
• you two lay on his bed, side by side just breathing your own air
• for a good hour, he’s tucked into a novel Guanlin recommended while your watching a drama Jisung suggested
• the clock strikes 4am and you get a tap on the shoulder
• Jinyoung smiles playfully at you, 'babe, let’s do something fun.’
• your suspicion arises but you agree and follows him into the bathroom
• he plucks out a whole set of face masks
• stick on masks, gel masks, clay masks, wash-off masks, scented masks, coloured masks, stay-on masks
• you name it, it’s in that box
• 'woah’
• 'wait how did you afford this?’
• Jinyoung blushes, 'it was a sponsor’
• god bless i n n i s f r e e
• you two go about selecting whichever masks you want
• 'wait babe is your face even big enough for this?’
• there’s even a 'lollipop’ flavoured one how fitting
• he helps you apply it prettily and in a n aesthetically pleasing manner
• doesn’t do you dirty unlike how Sungwoon was done
sexy bandit lin lin
• it actually comes out pretty cute ?? just like in the advertisement
• the flash goes off a dozen of times because he takes pictures 'for the memories’
• but really, he’s showing off to the world how he’s pampering his baby through his IG boomerangs
• yeah his like 78k followers really needed to see how well you guys are off and keep their thirsty asses in their own lane
• since your masks needs 15 minutes to set, you two lay on his bed
• a nice peaceful silence settles over the two of you
• one of your hands laces with his while the other traces the curves of his face
• Jinyoung is g o r g e o u s have fun with that ;)
• he just chuckles and admires your beauty from time to time
• it’s ethereal
• his eyes just stare lovingly into your own and that’s the best part
• not to mention his eyes are a little droopy and dreamy
• steals a couple of kisses
• you love how soft his lips are
• thank you innisfree for the A+ lip balm
• there isn’t much to do except talk and since it’s past 12am it’s a deep conversation
• like really deep
• won’t dive into details but it’s about your past, future, aspirations
• just supporting and encouraging each other
• you’re nearly in tears by the time he ends
• you nearly fall asleep again with your mask on when Baejin goes to wash his off
• he crosses his arms over his chest and chuckles when he comes back to your sleeping form
• Jinyoung knows enough and he knows that not washing your mask off could be a terrible thing
• maybe he just wants an excuse to be all tender and loving towards you just let me cry in peace
• he attempts to clean off majority of the mask with a wet face towel but has no choice but to wake you up
• he clutches you tightly so you don’t fall asleep while cleaning off your mask
• 'i’m sorry sweetheart….i’ll cuddle with you later.’
• you pout and sigh, offering out your pinky for him to clasp
• Baejin ain’t having it, he just envelopes you in a tight, warm embrace
• he loves skinship so much doahdosjaidh
• cuddling is a must
• legs crossing over
• your head rests on his chest while one of his arms wraps around your shoulder
• he ends up being the one turning the lights off
• it’s reassuring to have him cuddle you, just radiating off love and warmth
• he pecks you one last time on the cheek for that day
• 'goodnight, my love.’