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anonymous asked:

omgeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love skip so much!!!! <3 im goin to marry him one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know when his birthday is ? and do you think the names lilly & daneil suit? jkdskahfgvhjikj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your blog sooo much even though its like all luck but anyways its so good! skip forevs ! <3


1. your probaly a 12 year old slut with your pants up your ass.

2. No. Just no. *Daniel is Tyla’s.

3. His birthday is 31/10/94 you should know that if your planning to marry him. - But you won’t cause his Tyla’s.

4. No I don’t think Lilly and Daniel suit because, Tyla and Daniel suit better.

5. Do EVERYONE a favor and learn how to spell, because I almost cried when you said ‘daneil’ and 'luck’.

Bitch Please.