lah tere


“Crush.” Lah Tere (2010)

Filmed by Intikana

Raw as hell. Explosive, spiritual and smooth all in one. Chi- Town’s finest!

Much much love to you sista! Do ya thing!

You Are
Lah Tere

i’m suddenly finding myself in this place of panic- asphyxiating under the weight of a sense of immense debt, fixating on all the things i owe to other people. i have been consumed by the thought that there is not enough of me to go around. 

but i don’t need to be in that place. i am enough, and there will always be enough of me to go around- my mother knew that when she named me.

i am replenishing myself with an affirmation of the things i desire, and forgiving myself for the things i am yet to give.

i desire to build my ability to heal myself by practicing deliberately, persistently, lovingly.

i desire to build my ability to heal my communities by practicing deliberately, persistently, lovingly.

i desire exploration of the depths and expanses of my roots and my possibilities.

i desire knowledge that contextualizes and affirms my existence in the framework of its infinite oldness and its infinite continuity.

i desire remembrance that guides me on trajectories that honor those who came before me.

i desire a heart bubbling over with love that is always coming and going, that is always simultaneously holding and being held, that is always simultaneously being given away and being welcomed in.

i desire the space, knowledge, and time to do the work that heals me.

i am moving closer to the things i desire.

i have more than enough to give.

i am who i’ve been waiting for.


Lah Tere is so sick. still listenin to her old tracks