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Final Fantasy 30 Day Challenge day 23 - favorite non romantic pairing.

I LOOOOVE the father and son relationships in the final fantasy series. I love Laguna and Squall. They are good together even though I wish that Squall would have found out earlier that Laguna was his dad. Laguna is a great dad and when you see scenes of him and Ellone together as a kid it just makes you wonder if he would have found out about Squall and then Squall wouldn’t have gone to the orphanage. Then you have Jecht and Tidus. Now I know most people say they are aweful but, I disagree. Jecht was a great dad and most of X is auron telling Tidus that. I mean he didn’t want his son to cry and Jecht knew that if it came down to it he didn’t want Tidus to hesitate in ending Jecht’s life.