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here’s my 30 second film for this semester! it took a really long time and a lot of work but its here! hope you guys like it 


My sophomore film at LCAD, Tooth and Nail! Happy to say it made it to my school’s film festival in Burbank.


Here is something for October/Halloween. This is a test I animated for a lecture I gave to the students at the Laguna College of Art and Design, a very lovely group.


Also I thought this was really cool to see, my roughs next to the finished cleanup!
((( Cleanup by @lhdingding @an_drew_stuff and I, color by @dacarts and @maddie_is_dabomb05 )))

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I got this question about the college I went to~

“Hi! I know you probably get tons of messages asking about Laguna College of Art and Design, but if you don’t mind could you answer some of my questions. I’m hoping to attend in the fall 2018 majoring in Computer Animation. Is the school helpful with the technology and teaching because I know Ringling has a lot of successful reels. Did you transfer your credits there or did you start there. If so what are the courses you take when you start (math, science, English, history). This might sound personal, but by attending the school does it help you get successful jobs or is it a struggle to get into the industry. Do you recommend going to this school? Thanks :)”

Hey question asker!  
NOTE: These opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience at the college. Everyone has different experiences and different outcomes from their time at college. Make sure you talk to multiple people to get all points of view!

So first and foremost I want to state that no matter which college you go to expect there to be issues from either your peers, the professors or the courses (sometimes all). I say this because from talking with so many others in the industry who went to art college EVERYONE has an issue with their school and most everyone feels like they missed something. Also another thing to state before moving on~ yes you can get into the industry without a degree! But it all depends on you and your skill level. So a college degree is not some holy grail requirement to work in the industry. Heck, a friend of mine went to the same school as me and she dropped out and is now a color & character designer on a big show.

Now onto the questions! First off know that I was an “Illustration Entertainment” major, which was created the semester I came in. I was told it would be a major specifically for those looking into doing concept and visual development in entertainment (Game and Animation) but as time went by they decided that we couldn’t touch Animation OR Game Art and that we were actually still just Illustration but with useless classes thrown into the mix that had no career use for us, such as Maya. Times have changed so I know they have tried fixing this with this major but just understand that new majors are dangerous for they can pull the rug out from under you if the higher ups can’t agree on the major’s intended purpose. Go to a college that has the major you want and has had that major for a while now so you can ask students of that major how things are going for them.

 I do not credit LCAD for my career success, yes I learned things there that helped me improve but most of the things I really improved on that helped me with job stuff was usually from self teaching outside of my classes. I would say out of all my time at LCAD there were really only 3 classes that actually helped me get a job. Here are some issues I had while attending the college:

-I was told by professors I wouldn’t ever work in the Animation industry simply because my title was “Illustration Entertainment” therefore they refused to let me sit in on guest lectures and take classes which would have helped me with career stuff now, classes such as environment design, storyboarding & digital drawing/ painting (yes that’s right, I was not actually taught digital drawing or painting, the only digital painting class we could take was not until we were seniors and we were extremely restricted on how we were allowed to work).
-Because professors did not allow cross pollination of majors and they started telling all students that us Illustrators could never work in Animation because we don’t animate- it created A LOT of tension and dog-eat-dog mentality between the students. I was having animation students not take me seriously and come up to me telling me to my face I would never work in animation because of my major title.
-And I already briefly went over this in the last point but the students are extremely toxic, it’s a small school so things spread like wildfire. Drama, rumors and venom fly like nobody’s business. I’m not just talking from personal experience I am also talking from being a third party and seeing it happen to others. To give you an idea, I worked as a student rep before getting seriously burned by peers and my college. I had a parent who recognized me as the student rep at an art store and pulled me aside to tell me she was worried for her daughter, a sophomore in the dorms. Her daughter would call her crying because of the drama and bullying that was going on. The mother asked me with a heartfelt plea what I thought she should do. This is just one of many occurrences I have seen others go through. 

And as for your other questions:
I did indeed transfer GED classes but transferring any art classes is a lot more difficult.

As far as the school and it’s tech, it’s not bad but I didn’t do much on that side of things so I couldn’t tell you in depth.


Every school has it’s problems

I do not credit the college for my career success. Self perseverance, determination and hard work outside of school got me to where I am today.  

Beware new majors. If they are still trying to figure out how the major works and what the end career goal is, it just means you will be thrown into a ocean of ambiguity.

Good luck, I wish you the best on your journey! <3


GUYS HERE IT ISSSSS MY CLASS AND I WORKED ON THIS FILM FOR 8 WEEKS. We brought it all the way from rough to color in a very short amount of time and it turned out amazing! #animation #handdrawn #traditional #traditionalanimation #cartoon #artistsoninstagram #lcad #lagunacollegeofartanddesign #ericgoldberg #jamesbaxter #glenkeane #art (at Laguna College of Art + Design)

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LCAD’s very first Artist’s Night Inn - from 7pm to 7am overnight, artists had just 12 hours to make a piece of art. The theme this time was RED, so we decided to go with Red Riding Hood- but with a twist!

This was such an amazing experience and we actually got a lot more done in these 12 hours than I thought. Without a second thought I would do this again, for sure. It isn’t done by any means but 

Here’s the collaborative effort of 4 artists over 12 hours! Enjoy ^ ^

Music: “Friction” - Mili


anonymous asked:

Hi! I know you probably get tons of messages about Laguna College of Art and Design, but if you don't mind could you answer some of my questions. I'm hoping to attend in the fall 2018 majoring in Computer Animation. Is that department helpful because I know Ringling shows a lot of successful reels. Also did you get your basics done there and what are the courses like (math,science,English,history) or did you transfer? This might sound personal, but did attending the school help you get a succ...

hi! ok, heres the thing: lcad doesn’t really HAVE a computer animation program. we do all our animation traditionally with lightboxes and pencils and paper. if you wanna do digital animation then i’d probably suggest ringling, sva, or calarts! 

my credits transferred from AP classes i took in high school, so i ended up getting my psychology/english/art history classes taken care of pretty quickly. 

AND NO LMAO I DID NOT GET THE SUCC but thats just me, theres lots of opportunites to get the succ 


Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present my short film from Laguna College of Art & Design, A Little Hitch.


Bedtime Story - an animated film by Katrina Carras and yours truly.

I don’t think I ever shared this on Tumblr! This was my Senior Thesis Film at Laguna College of Art & Design, collaborated with one of my best friends Katrina on the script and animation. The entire film was traditionally animated with paper & pencil while the backgrounds were digitally painted. Katrina animated Ko and the Prince, while I animated the Dad and the Dragon. 

Color script by Natalie Riess, voices by Katrina Carras, Aaron Chen, and Marshall Vandruff.