Rimi’s Hyper B-Cannon, anti-personnel variant.

She’s capable of launching a more powerful version meant for taking down large vehicles and such, but that’s for another time…!


This took quite awhile to make but I kinda like how it turned out..!

This is also kinda my first time seriously making a full color comic page so a few things may look a little wonky…

anonymous asked:

I'm a 34B cup. Is there anything I could use like a binder (I tried a sports bra but my parents only buy the cheap ones that do nothing) but not like an actual binder, as my parents won't let me get one?

personally i (lagre chested) use nike bras, as some are more geared for support, but some are geared for compression. any bra more for compression than support will work, or at least has worked for me, but there are plenty of other things, like wearing a camisole top underneath, or something. Anyone else?

-Mod Dyl

thecastlecleaner  asked:

sweet a fast food joint i normally have to time travel to get these, *pulls up to the drive thou* hello? i'll have xxl coke a cola none diet, larg plane buger no insides just the buger and red keptsup, lagre fries 3x ioan rings and 1 kids hambuger meal girl toy if you have one with a coke no ice in both drinks *pulls up to the wndow*