The @invisibleborders road trip 2014. @breezeyoko paints it up in Bingerville, Abidjan, precisely at the “College Moderne”. We left Abidjan with a feeling of fulfillment and warmth from friends and colleagues. We are now in Ferkessedougou, a town in the North of Ivory Coast. We are excited mostly because we have been surprised by finding wifi in our hostel here, but in general we are in good mood it’s been a good day and a smooth ride! Expect more from us. Photo by @emekaokereke #ib2014 #lagossarajevo #roadtrip #everydayafrica #invisibleborders #abidjan (at bingerville, Abidjan)

From the @invisibleborders road trip 2014. “Love Your Lover”, made en route Abuja from Lagos. We have been called to the Moroccan embassy in Abuja to present ourselves physically in order to obtain our visas. We hope to head out on Sunday first to Ghana and then onwards! For now enjoy images taken while we are dealing with a few administrative bottlenecks. Photo by @emekaokereke #lagossarajevo #invisibleborders #ib2014 #RoadTrip #everydayafrica.

There’s always space for one more when it comes to giving a lift. This photograph was made by Angus MacKinnon @mackmangus in Benin, just inside the border in the way to Cotonou. Motorbikes are a very popular mode of transport in Benin. This was made when @invisibleborders past through the country. #ib2014 #lagossarajevo #roadtrip #angusmackinnon

Akinola Abudu, Cab driver, Lagos. 2014. II. Shot by @mackmangus as part of the 2014 @invisibleborders Roadtrip. Public transport personnel are at the centre of a city, they know the physical layout like the back of their hand and know the people too because of their daily interactions. Getting to know a cab driver is getting to know a city. #ib2014 #roadtrip #lagossarajevo #mackmangus #angusmackinnon

When traveling to foreign spaces with a camera one can find themselves prying on other peoples disadvantages for the sake of getting the perfect photo. We often care more about the picture than the lives we trying to picture. This is @breezeyoko intervention at Makoko #lagos #Nigeria a place where tourist and journalist have come to vulture on the lives of others. #ib2014 #invisibleborders #lagossarajevo #breezeyoko #paint_it_black

Still on the @invisibleborders road trip 2014: Lagos - Sarajevo. This photo was made near Kasoa as we head out of Accra and towards Ivory Coast. We had a great time in Accra and made great works and discovery. We are currently in Abidjan until saturday when we head to Mali. If you are in Mali, Senegal and Mauritania and have ideas on how you would want us to discover your country. Holla at us! Photo by @emekaokereke #invisibleborders #roadtrip #IB2014 #photographers #transcendingborers #lagossarajevo #everydayAfrica