A man who loves his job. Rude customers and all, still does a great job. One thing I noticed a lot in Nigeria was the huge support for the movie industry. I mean, even the music too. In stores and restaurants, there were no American movies like before but it was Nigerian movies, shows and don’t get me started on Nigerian music videos. It was so beautiful seeing these happenings. Even upstairs in this salon, there were women watching a Ghana/Nigerian movie as they did their nails. Beautiful sight!

Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

FUTURE LAGOS | Voices of the City: Medina Dugger

FUTURE LAGOS | Voices of the City: Medina Dugger

‘I dream of an inter-city railway.’  This week we meet Medina Dugger. Medina Dugger is a photographer and independent curator based in Lagos, Nigeria. Dugger has co-curated four editions of the LagosPhoto Festival, the first and only international festival of photography in Nigeria. She has also an avid promoter of women’s art, design and photography. Voices of the City is a weekly feature that…

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