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Sara Forbes Bonetta

Lady Sara Forbes Bonetta was a West African Egbado Omoba who was orphaned in intertribal warfare, sold into slavery, and in a remarkable twist of events, was liberated from enslavement, and became a goddaughter to Queen Victoria. Born: 1843, Ogun, NigeriaDied: August 15, 1880, Funchal, PortugalSpouse: James Pinson Labulo Davies (1862–1880)Residence: London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Lagos Colony, Colonial Nigeria
The Accords

Can we actually talk about what the accords were? And more importantly why something similar didn’t already exist, because it should have. 

The avengers operate as basically Extreme Police, yes? Basically a military task force that handles the crazy shit. 

Now when something goes wrong on a mission in the actual military, people face a board of review to ensure they are not at fault for what happens, and to decide how to prevent bad things from happening in the future. This also occurs with police even if people sometimes don’t get punished when they should. 

The question is, where is this for the Avengers? 

Are they truly a paramilitary group operating without any form of governmental control in multiple countries? 

That is absolutely insane. So many things have gone wrong over the course of all The Avengers movies, and they haven’t had any unbiased group to discuss how things went wrong and how to keep that from occurring again. 

This means that The Avengers are a group of AMERICAN vigilantes, one of which wears the AMERICAN flag on his ass, running into other countries without asking for any permission to be there, and apprehending people they deem villians, possibly (Probably) in violent confrontations.

What if, after Avengers Age of Ultron Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner were put under review for their involvement in the creating of Ultron so that they could be formally absolved of crimes, and create saftey measures when dealing with sentient magic. 

What if, Steve Rogers was reviewed before being put in charge of a task force of super powered people, when he woke up in a century, and political climate he had no experience with.  

What if, instead of Steve Rogers, and his brightly colored squad rushing into he Lagos situation, a Nigerian swat team had quietly taken care of the problem because Steve told them there was a potential terrorist attack. 

What if, instead of destroying an airport in Leipzig they just informed the UN and the Russians that there was a potentially active HYDRA base holding 5 Winter Soldiers and let those countries handle that. 

What if, after Age of Ultron, Wanda was actually pulled in for review of her actions instead of being absolved for all crimes, after she willingly joined a Nazi organization with the sole goal of murdering a single man uncaring of the damage she would have to do on her path to this goal. 

What if, Steve Rogers explained the evidence he had that Bucky did not murder T’chaka and requested that they bring Bucky in peacefully instead of attacking German Police Officers for doing their job. 

What if, the Avengers were actually held accountable by the world they’re trying to save, and were required to operate under a board of review designed to ensure that bad things didn’t happen unnecessarily. 

What if, man?