FSG (Fusion Sportsgear) presents the new silhouettes of the Sub Saharan Sneaker, which is completely hand made in Nigeria. It is more than just a shoe, it is a product with a cause.

The sales from the shoes go to paying the workers and craftsmen above current minimum wages in West Africa. In addition the patterns are designed and printed by africans locally and in the diaspora, destroying the current social construct of African print.

Future goals of the brand include donating clothing to orphanages and organising sporting events for public schools. Founder of the brand, Funfere Koroye, believes in using innovation and product development to change the current state of manufacturing and product development in Nigeria.


Meet Your Photographer: Noma Osula

I am Noma Osula of Jaytu Koncepts, a Nigerian based photographer. Art has always been my darling and of recent I gave in to my maniacal obsession for portraits and art photography. Africa is a place rich with ideas and various artistic randomness which in time I have come to accept, embrace and create . You know how they say African culture has been influenced by western ideas? Nowadays it’s vice versa. There is always something African in the western media daily or a recreation of African creativity. It might be the just vibrant colours, texture, marks, gesture, props or clothing but they seem to like our stuff over there and utilise the small piece they have. I’m in Africa so I try to make maximum utility of what we have and mix it up a bit making it rather more urban and contemporary. I’m just that guy who tries to incorporate everything he loves into his pictures. (keep reading)

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Dedicated to the Cultural Preservation of the African Aesthetic