‘Lagoonies’ Puts Our Environment First

Lagoonies of Cole Bay is the latest business on St. Maarten to make huge strides in the use of ‘green’ technology and biodegradable products in an effort to protect our island and its environment.


The bar and restaurant at Lagoonies are moving towards being completely plastic-free, by replacing all of their ‘disposables’ such as cups, plates and cutlery, with biodegradable alternatives.


Their laundry service employs a solar-powered water heating system and all their detergents are eco-friendly. Customers’ clothes are even delivered in 39-gallon biodegradable bags!


All of these products are supplied by Good2Go and are made just from plants. This means that they will simply return to natural material as they biodegrade, leaving no toxic residue behind.


The management and staff of Lagoonies believe that employing ‘green’ technology and using natural products is a simple way to keep our environment clean and beautiful – just as nature intended – and they’re sure that their loyal customers will agree.

(This article first appeared in the St. Maarten Daily Herald in February 2011)


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