Haha, hát ilyen is jó rég volt!! : ) De ez a svéd kaleidoszkóp kiérdemelte, hogy együtt pózoljunk a nagyközönségnek. 

Amúgy szokás szerint ismét gerincpróbáló csomaggal tértem haza Malmőből, idén sem tudtam ugyanis kihagyni a Tigeres színes habverőt, a narancssárga citromszelet-alakú jég"kocka"készítőt, a 10 darabos ruhafogas készletet és Lagerhausos társaikat.

(Koppenhága sajnos most kimaradt, de hamarosan pótoljuk a mulasztást. ^^)

Now this is most likely a one-time event, tailoring isn’t really my thing, buuut considering the sheer amount of time and mental exercises this required to complete there’s no way in hell they’re not being uploaded! (Featuring the crappiest photoshop-edit known to man!) Also, that fabric was purchased (from Lagerhaus) over 7 years ago, and I’ve procrastinated doing this until now. Pfft. 

I swear I’ll get back to making art any day (week/month) now!

Above: Kitchen towels (made with a sewing machine twice my age!)


We’re all too familiar with pop-ups by now. But Swedish interior design retailer Lagerhaus decided to take it one step further by opening the world’s first Blog-Up Store. The campaign, created by communications company Prime, created a series of pop-up stores on popular blogs. See the video for more.

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