Beauty Talk: Be Fabulous Always

One thing that should never be stagnant during tough times is sense of style. More and more employers and potential clients want not only the most qualified candidates, but the best looking. Even in the toughest of times, one must always remain fabulous as you never know what opportunity awaits you. Check out a few of my style tips that are tried, true and totally recession proof.

Recession-Proof Style Tips:

1: A wardrobe heavy in black is heavily versatile. Black pants, black pencil skirts and shirts galore. Black never goes out of style. Layer with a pop of color if you’re bold.

2: Must own at least 3 compliment pieces. Compliment pieces are items or accessories that get you noticed with each wear. Maybe it’s a pair of fabulous shoes, perhaps a sparkly ring or handbag. Wear it as the centerpiece to tip #1.

3: Never leave your house in sweatpants… not even the grocery store. Karl Lagerfield stated that sweatpants are a sign of defeat. Sweatpants scream laziness so keep your sweatpants where they belong… at home with the tub of Ben & Jerry’s and Sex & the City repeats.

4: Maintain the bare minimum. Tough times in the pocketbooks mean some beauty rituals have to be placed on the back burner. However, neglecting your nails, hair and skin can show signs of poor health. Prenatal vitamins in addition to basic home manicure, micro trim, and skincare routine ought to keep you glowing.

5: Find your signature scent. Scent is the number one link to memory. Make a statement and lasting impression by finding the scent that suits you best. Wear it with confidence wherever you hope to be kissed.

Bonus: A positive attitude will get you anywhere! Smile often. Share good vibes with a stranger and it will come back around tenfold. Let your inner light shine without reason and it seems the world will shine back.

Most importantly, be fabulous always! xoxo