lagaan: once upon a time in india


-watched this with my bro

-this is my favorite musical sequence

-it’s hilarious seeing the English oppressors from the perspective of the Indians, how ridiculous these white guys look with their mustaches and uniforms and absurd cricket matches; the other thing I love is how the film-makers strove for diversity, making a point of including not only Hindu but also a Muslim, Sikh, and a character of the “Untouchable” caste in the main team of characters, which is relevant to problems of religion and caste that are still on-going in India.

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (Ashutosh Gowariker, 2001)



Favorite Bollywood Contemporary Film (post-1980)

Before I see it, I thought: come on, almost four hours for a movie!? No way I’ll see this… But once you start it, the story catches you… Even when you are certain about what will happen, you get anxious to see they win in the end. It is very nice!


One of the best movies ever.