1998 Château Lafite Rothschild

Merry Christmas, everybody! I celebrated in style with some big boss Bordeaux. Cassis, blackberries, tobacco, eucalyptus, mushrooms, espresso, mahogany, leather, and cigar on the nose. Still so fresh, despite being almost 20 years old! Red and black cassis on the palate with new leather, young tobacco, and mushroom. Quite perfumed and just so so sophisticated (like me). Santé!

5/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot

13% abv

Pauillac (Bordeaux), FRANCE


Meet Lafit! (or Lafitte?)

He’s the merchant of the “illegal map shop”. Not everyone’ll dare to write such a name on the sign. But Lafit is a risky man, and he got away with it. Might be because nobody reads signs in dark dirty alleys anyway.

In the initial sketches he had a more sinister look so that until the last moment he’d be the main suspect. Later he became rounder and funnier, more appealing.

He also could have had a little pet, like a real pirate, so that at the end this pet could weep bitterly on his shoulder, but then we decided that that would be a little too much :)


#sprints 45 sec sprints at 9mph resting 1 min and 15 sec in between sprints. SWEAT POURS. #gymaddict #will2befit #dedication #HIIT #abetternakedme #bigboysmovetoo #cardio #lafitness #instagay #focused #beast #monster #runforest #bodybuilding (at LA Fitness)

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In an effort to build a big nasty ole muscle mans boootaaaayyyyy. I’ve added these into the workout. #legs #will2befit #lafitness #fituniverse #menintights #gymislife #growth #progress #bodybuilding #atlantafitness (at LA Fitness Terrell Mill)

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Upcycling Vintage Wine Bottles as Lamps

My MiL was ahead of her time. About 40 years ago, she made a pair of lamps out of a lamp kit and the bottles of some very very good wine. (The Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1959 was $50 a pop back then, and today its averaging - what?! - $3k a bottle?)

The lamps still work perfectly today!

Back to the healthy grind and loving it and happy I’m back!  The wedding weekend was a nice break but I honestly felt bad eating all the treats and goodies.  I don’t mean mentally bad, literally my body felt slow, sluggish, less energy.  Really made me appreciate my healthy lifestyle!  Seated dumbbell curls are a great way to blast arms and take away the “swing” motion in curls, forcing you to isolate the muscle group! 

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The following retextures are updated to my new color palette:

Newsea Lafite
Cazy Hannah
Skysims Hair 275
Skysims Hair 274

If you redownload them, please remove the old files from your mods folder.
The old filenames are:

Aveira_Newsea Lafite (Retexture) All colors
Aveira_Newsea Lafite (Retexture) Natural colors
Aveira_Cazy Hannah (Retexture) All colors
Aveira_Cazy Hannah (Retexture) Natural colors
Aveira_Skysims Hair 275 (Retexture) All colors
Aveira_Skysims Hair 275 (Retexture) Natural colors
Aveira_Skysims Hair 274 (Retexture) All colors
Aveira_Skysims Hair 274 (Retexture) Natural colors

Part 1 of the updated retextures is listed *here*
Part 2 *here*
Part 3 *here*


The finisher. This was for 4 sets til failure! Feet spread wide apart. Toes pointed outward. Lean back into bar. And GO FOR IT!! My first few reps weren’t as low as I’d like. But the last few were. (Stay focused on the goal) #will2befit #abetternakedme #bodybuilding #lafitness #reps #bootybuilding #glutes #legs

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Fit Friday!!! (I know I’ve been a little late with the holiday and all, haha).  Bang out those arms boys/girls.  Here I am super setting with close grip EZ curl bar and then immediately picking up the 10 lb dumbbells at my feet to do wide angle curls.  This exhausts the biceps and makes sure you hit both heads of the muscle.  Try it and feel the burn!