Dean: From now on we’ll be using code names, you will adress me as ‘eagle 1′

Dean: Benny’s codename is 'been there, done that’

Dean: Cas is 'currently doing that’

Castiel: *kisses Dean*

Dean: Crowley is 'happened once in a dream’

Dean: Charlie’s codename is 'if I had to pick a girl’

Dean: Sam is 'eagle 2’

Sam: Oh, thank god

Beverages 饮料 (yǐn liào)

Non-alcoholic :

Bottled Water - 瓶装水 (píng zhuāng shuǐ)

Tap Water - 自来水 (zì lái shuǐ)

Mineral water - 矿泉水 (kuàng quán shuǐ)

Tea -茶(chá)

Coffee - 咖啡(kā fēi)

Soy Milk - 豆浆 (dòu jiāng)

Lemonade - 柠檬水 (níng méng shuǐ)

Coca Cola - 可口可乐 (kě kǒu kě lè) or 可乐 (kě lè)

Pepsi - 百事可乐 (bǎi shì kě lè)

Fanta - 芬达 (fēn dá)

Sprite - 雪碧 (xuě bì)

7Up - 七喜(qī xǐ)

Red bull - 红牛 (hóng niú)

Jiaduobao - 加多宝 (jiā duō bǎo)

  • Fruit juice - 果汁 (guǒ zhī)

Aloe Juice - 芦荟汁 (lú huì zhī)

Apple Juice - 苹果汁 (píng guǒ zhī)

Blueberry Juice - 蓝莓汁 (lán méi zhī)

Cranberry Juice - 蔓越莓汁 (màn yuè méi zhī)

Grape Juice - 葡萄汁 (pú táo zhī)

Kiwi fruit Juice - 猕猴桃汁 (mí hóu táo zhī)

Lychee Juice - 荔枝汁 (lì zhī zhī)

Mango Juice - 芒果汁 (máng guǒ zhī)

Orange Juice - 橙汁 (chéng zhī)

Papaya Juice - 木瓜汁 (mù guā zhī)

Peach Juice -桃汁 (táo zhī)

Pineapple Juice - 菠萝汁 (bō luó zhī)

Plum Juice - 酸梅汤 (suān méi tāng)

Strawberry Juice - 草莓汁 (cǎo méi zhī )

Tomato Juice - 番茄汁 (fān qié zhī)

Watermelon Juice - 西瓜汁 (xī guā zhī)

Alcoholic :

Beer - 啤酒 (pí jiǔ)

Tsingdao - 青岛 (qīng dǎo)

Heineken - 喜力 (xǐ lì)

Corona - 科罗娜 (kē luó nà)

Asahi - 朝日 (zhāo rì)

Champagne - 香槟 (xiāng bīn)

Vodka - 伏特加 (fú tè jiā)

Wine - 葡萄酒 (pú táo jiǔ)

Hóng pútáojiǔ - Red wine

Bordeaux - 波尔多 (bō ěr duō)

Lafite -拉菲 (lā fēi)

Bái pútáojiǔ - White wine

Sauvignon Blanc - 长相思 (cháng xiāng sī)

Whiskey - 威士忌 (wèi  shì  jì)

Rum - 朗姆酒 (lǎng mǔ jiǔ)

Tequila - 龙舌兰酒 (lóng shé lán jiǔ)

Chinese spirits - 白酒 (bái jiǔ)

Sake - 清酒 (qīng jiǔ)

Cocktails -鸡尾酒 (jī wěi jiǔ)

Cheers! 干杯! (gān bēi) 

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does anyone else get offended by the video where h asks everyone to close their eyes and abruptly demands "DO IT" because kdsjhfkjahsdfkjsdahfkjha imagine him being like that in bed. i'm dead

“Do it.” His voice is deep, throaty, and taunting as he eyes you from across the room, where he’s seated on the blood red velvet love seat that came with the expensive hotel room.

He has an arm swung over the backrest of the small couch, one leg crossed over the other with his ankle resting on his knee. He’s still in his suit for the night, the silk material of his tuxedo jacket clinging alluringly to his broad shoulders and lean arms, his taunt muscles flexing and shifting under the fine fabric.

Harry brings the elegant glass of wine to his mouth, the cup sifting between his cherry-stained lips. He takes a leisurely sip, the warm, bourbon-tinted light of a dim lamp glinting across his darkened jade irises as they gleam at you with predatory-like amusement, framed by a strong set of brows that quirk up in an expecting manner.

When you don’t move an inch, he simply sets the glass of dark wine down on the glass coffee table, licking and suckling the residue of the delicacy drink from his slightly swollen and stinging lips. When he speaks, his tone is blatantly authoritative, as if what he is to say next is a textbook fact.

“Either you do it or you’re not getting fucked again until we get to Singapore.”

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[INFO] Jackson’s first task as Alibaba T-Mall’s Chief Meow Officer will be playing and shopping in Los Angeles. He will broadcast it.
Jackson was chosen because of his image as well as international appeal. It is said that Jackson will visit France this winter as well. 

He plans to visit: 

- Château Lafite Rothschild 

- Château Latour 

- Château Margaux 

- Château Haut-Brion 

- Château Mouton Rothschild

One of the articles mentioned that Jackson is going to visit many countries in the future.The exact dates will be revealed later.

Multilingual MC

I should probably be writing all the requests I still have left over from before I dropped off the face of the earth but this one piqued my interest. As you guys may know – if you’ve ever read my About the Author page – I myself am trilingual so this was right up my ally
Hope you enjoy!


♬ even when dating for a while and fully committed, certain things just never came up

♬ they weren’t dirty secrets or lies you told about yourself

♬ merely facts that had never seemed relevant enough to be brought up

♬ until one day, due to the strangest of coincidences, said thing comes up

♬ Zen was rather surprised to find out that you were fluent in multiple Slavic languages

♬ which he only really learned, because his new potential director was Croatian

♬ her name was Cintija Ašperger and while she lived in Canada now, she was born Croatian

♬ you could have talked in English, but you decided this way you could score bonus points

Oh Čintija, ne mogu ti opisat koliko je savršen za tu ulogu, vjeruj mi.

Ma ne, on nikad ne stvara probleme. Zahvalan je za svaku mogućnost, spram drugih glumaca.

Stvarno? Savršeno! Čujemo se, pusa.

♬ once you hung up with Cintija you informed Zen that he’d gotten the part

♬ he barely reacted, still staring at you with wide eyes and a slack jaw

♬ he broke out in a wide grin, telling you how amazing you sounded in whatever language that was

♬ later he sometimes spoke with a Croatian accent because that was just so damn cool


★ some people think that once you’ve been with a person for a year, you truly know them

★ those people are wrong

★ if anything, you only knew a person once you’d lived with them for a year

★ and even then there were always things that ended surprising you

★ like the one day Yoosung came home from work a little earlier

★ you’d stayed home, sick and wrapped into a blanket with litres of soup waiting to be eaten

★ he’d closed the clinic early so he could come home and take care of you for a change

★ he did not expect to find you screaming at your laptop in what sounded like perfect Japanese

★ 後に続け!意地になるな!

★ 感情について話すのはそんなに難しいか!?

★ 彼女にキスしろ! 彼女に既にキス!

★ as it turned out, you were a huge weeb that taught herself Japanese because of Anime

★ everyone else might have found that strange, but Yoosung was perfect for you, so he loved it

★ now you could sing anime openings together!

★ sometimes you even used certain phrases in daily life to annoy the others


♛ for your first anniversary of marriage, Jumin decides to take you to Paris, France

♛ because of course he did

♛ the day was magical, as you got to explore the city of love

♛ at first you did all the typical tourist things like kissing on top of the Eiffel Tower

♛ but towards the end of the day Jumin took somewhere out of town

♛ it was a small but fancy winery, of course, where else would Jumin Han possibly take you

♛ the man keeping the place, however, had difficulties speaking English, let alone Korean

♛ which is when you finally managed to pipe up

Ah, monsieur! On peut avoir une bouteille de vin rouge, s’il vous plaît?

Bien sûr! Que désirez-vous, Mademoiselle

Le Château Lafite de 1865.

♛ Jumin looked at you with wide yet somewhat hooded eyes

♛ at first you were confused, but then you realized that he was turned on by your display

♛ you barely finished the bottle before he was tugging you towards the bathroom

♛ apparently you sounded different moaning in French, a fact Jumin explored in great detail


☼ You and Saeyoung had been dating for quite some time at this point

☼ he’d become quieter since you’t met, a little more mellowed out in a sense

☼ despite having mature some, however, he was still a man-child

☼ especially now that he had his brother back and that weight was off his shoulders

☼ other than turning making toys into a job, he still loved pranks

☼ which you knew rather well, because he constantly pulled them on you

☼ they were innocent and silly, but sometimes you didn’t have the patience for his bullshit

☼ like that one day he’d put a lockdown on the door, even for you

☼ lucky for you, you know how to play that game

☼ أفتح الباب اللعين!

☼ the door unlocked and you winked at the camera, knowing he was watching

☼ Seven choked on his PhD pepper, spitting all over the screen

☼ you spoke Arabic?!

☼ he was equally impressed as he was terrified when you verbally whooped his ass

☼ you went off for half an hour and in perfect Arabic at that


☀ certain things in life are utterly unpredictable

☀ it can be an illness you didn’t expect or an accident that wasn’t supposed to happen

☀ you generally try to stay on top of things, be as practical as humanly possible

☀ learning a couple of languages to be able to communicate in emergencies, was one of those things

☀ you didn’t use your German for a very long time, until Saeran happened

☀ to be more specific, the guys brilliant idea to join his brothers old agencies

☀ leading, of course, to you being sucked right in after him

☀ which someone resulted in the two of you ending up in German prison…don’t ask

☀ the whole thing would have ended in disaster, had it not been for you

Wir wurden von einer Koreanischen Argentur geschickt um Schrödinger auszuschalten. Er hat all die Morde begangen und dann versucht sie uns anzuhängen. Wir haben beweise!

☀ Saeran had no idea what you’d said, but it resulted in you being freed eventually

☀ honestly he’d never been so grateful that you were such a dork

☀ also, you sounded strangely sexy in German, all raspy and dangerous

☀ he’d never admit it to anyone, but you talking German was a huge turn on

☀ sometimes when you got freaky in bed he wanted you to do it in German


📷 when Jihyun finally returned, he decided to take you on a trip

📷 apparently he wanted to share the beauty of the world with you

📷 your first stop was Italy, Rome to be precise

📷 the inner city was as ugly and stuffy as any big city, but there was beauty to be found

📷 everything from the thermal baths, the catacombs up to the coliseum was mesmerising

📷 but the best part about Italy was still the food and not only the ridiculously overpriced restaurants

📷 the markets were filled with smells and spices you’d never experiences before

📷 Jihyun told you about how he’d want to buy some, but couldn’t due to language barriers

📷 apparently he’d planned on painting with spices and you liked the idea

📷 Scusi signore, io e il mio ragazzo vorremmo comprare delle spezie.

📷 Sí, prego. Per cosa vi servono? Alcune sono specifiche per alcuni piatti.

📷 Oh no, non vogliamo mangiarle. Il mio ragazzo é un artista e vuole usarle per i suoi lavori. Per favore, ci dia le piú colorate che ha.

📷 Jihyun watched, completely in awe, as you cheerfully chatted with the man

📷 in fact, he asked you to do all the talking from that moment on, just listening

📷 you inspired him and his new collection painted with Italian spaces bore your name


Trying out a new workout starting today. Let’s see how it forces this body to change. But first let’s get in 20 mins on this stairclimber and 20 mins on incline treadmill. I used to think ppl were lying when they said this fitness things gets hard the older u get. Mannnn. The body doesn’t respond like it used to. But no one said it was impossible!! So let’s go! #will2befit #cardio #slowandsteady #stairclimber #lafitness #bodybuilding #mybody #myrules #thick #muscle #blackfitness #blackmen (at LA Fitness - MARIETTA SOUTH)

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What your choice in Chinese buffet soups says about you

Wonton Soup

You are a down to earth type of person.  Hard working, no frills, no nonsense, you always speak the truth and you never take bullshit from others.  You are a meat and potatoes, beer and Lynrd Skynrd type of person.  You are a shinning example of the common man, a true salt of the earth.

Egg Drop Soup

Your tastes know no bounds, you will eat anything.  You have an iron stomach and nothing is gross or distasteful to you.  Back in elementary school you were one of the few kids who actually liked the school lunches, and you used to gross people out by snorting pieces of spaghetti and eating bugs.  As you make your way across the buffet you gladly slop up your egg drop soup with glee, making sure to spoon up for yourself most of the thick film that has formed on the top.  You then make your way to the sushi bar, despite the fact that the nearest ocean is 800 miles away and the sushi looks like it’s been sitting around too long.

Hot and Sour Soup

You are the sophisticated type, enjoying and savoring flavors and tastes that most people will never get to try in their lifetimes. You enjoy the finer things in life; opera, fine fashion, fine wines, expensive scotch, and Big Bang Theory.  Your hot and sour soup is not just an appetizer, but a symbol of your higher status.  You slowly savor it, thinking about how well it would pair with a glass of Chateau Lafite while the lowly plebs argue over who gets the last egg roll.

Egg Drop Soup with Wontons in it

You are a rebel, an adventurist, a trail blazer, an out of the box thinker. You are a non conformist who always rebels against society, it’s traditions, it’s conventions and norms.  You are a fearless spirit that lives life dangerously and you’ll never let “the man” keep you down.  You are descended from pioneers, outlaws, and pirates.  As you carefully fish out a few wonton for your egg drop soup, a cop is writing out a parking ticket for your car.

Seafood Soup” AKA New England Clam Chowder

You don’t really like Chinese food that much but were out voted by your friends/family when it was time take make a decision over where to go to eat.  Later tonight you will probably have a bad case of the runs.