Version noir et blanc : L'aigle et un signe...

Version noir et blanc : L’aigle et un signe…

Au dessus de Grenoble il y a Laffrey et à Laffrey il y a la ” prairie de la rencontre ” celle du retour de Napoléon de son exil.

En face de cette prairie  dans la fôret a été symbolisé un ” aigle “.

Etce sur làlors du clic de la photo ce nuage en forme d’oiseau.

Et après on dira que ” les signes ” n’existent pas ???

L’aigle et un signe – ©L’oeil en clic

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My first cheesecake!!!

I dedicate this one to my brother and my dad!

I made my fist cheesecake! It was fun and much easier then I expected. It’s funny this is another thing that I did not like as a child, good thing I got over such things!

I got the recipe from the Moosewood Cookbook! It’s called “Montana’s Mom’s Dynamite Cheesecake” And it was!! I did not use the topping.

I said it was easy but I did have a few problem moments. First when I found out that you have to wait 12 hours after you bake it before it is ready to eat, not really a problem just a change of plans no longer a desert but a wonderful breakfast. Next I discover that the bottom of my cheesecake pan was missing :( I ended up finding a bunt pan and figured that with its removable sides it was the closest thing I had. Next, when I went to the store to get the ingredients I had not look at the amounts, it needed to 2 things of cream cheese not one, oops! I just halved the recipe, and ended up with a high sided cheesecake because I had all ready made the crust. And it was a bit lemony because I for got the half the lemon zest!! The last thing was that my batter was a bit lumpy which I looked up online and found that it was probably because I put my eggs in all at once. Next time put mix cheese sugar and lemon before adding the eggs one at a time. But even with all the little set backs it was still fun and delicious!!!

It paired perfectly with Capetown Harvest (from republic of tea) for breakfast!

I think I had been a little intimidated by cheesecake, but I figured if my brother and dad can both make it I should give it a shot! I thought of you both often during both the making and eating of my first cheesecake!!!



Book & Lyrics by Victor Lodato

Music by Polly Pen 

Vineyard Theatre • NYC 

Directed by Carolyn Cantor

Set Designer: Dane Laffrey

Costume Designer: Jess Goldstein

Sound Designer: Dan Moses Schreier


Here is another music video I shot this summer let me know what you think!!!


Here’s a preview of a music video I shot this summer!