LAFF Review: 'Echo Park' Proves The Perfect Place to Get Lost And Find Yourself

In “Echo Park,” photographer Amanda Marsalis, making her feature directorial debut (with a script written by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta), paints a love letter of sorts to the titular Los Angeles neighborhood, interwoven with the tale of love lost and found between two souls searching for their place. Sophie (Mamie Gummer), is an unhappy Beverly Hills Housewife-to-be when she unceremoniously cuts herself loose from her predictable life and decamps across town to the hipster hood of Echo Park. In her new neighborhood, she gets more than she expected when meeting Alex (Tony Okungbowa) to buy his couch. He’s moving back to London, you see, and the two fall into the kind of easy and deep intimacy that happens when there’s no risk of long term commitment.

About last night. Just having dinner, minding my own business when this random dude asks to take a selfie with me. He seemed cool. So, yeah. 🙊😆😜😎
#LAFF2014 (at Steigenberger Nile Palace, Luxor)


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LAFF Review: Debra Granik's Doc 'Stray Dog' A Sensitive Portrait of Memory, Trauma, and Biker Culture

When “Winter’s Bone” writer and director Debra Granik ventured to Missouri to make that film, she returned with more than she expected — the subject of her next film, in the form of Ron “Stray Dog” Hall, a biker and Vietnam vet with a heart of gold and a head full of nightmares. Granik brings an un-showy, observational documentary style to this intimate look at Stray Dog’s life, navigating his trusty Harley along Missouri’s open road, now with his new Mexican wife, Alicia, riding on the back of the bike.

Repping “Homecoming” which screened this afternoon at #LAFF2014. It was great hearing so many folks saying how much they enjoyed it. I hope the jury felt the same. At least there were no snores, unlike… 🙊🙀 cc @jimchuchu @i_am_idil #AfricanMetropolis. Also, this dress by @boutiquemahali, is the bees knees. Yeah? (at Luxor City)