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 bonus : completely oblivious John Laurens 

I’ve been experimenting with my style a bit. I ran out of more loose fitting clothes to work with and I need to dye some things to better match my wardrobe, so this is what I put together for today. I was going for a more Dark Mori/Naturalist Kei/Strega look. 

Outfit Rundown
Hair: Some faux flowers and berries I had left over from a flower crown wedding commission and a feather I had. I have more reddish hair, but it’s a dark brownish red. All natural. 
Cloak: Hand made by a friend. I gave her a vague description of what I wanted and payed her for it. Her name is Budgie Gallion and she does amazing work if anyone wants to commission her. 
Necklace: Hand made by me. Camel teeth, wooden beads, and a random pendant I had. I also have a small Olkette that’s difficult to see. That was created by a man I met at the Big Bear Renaissance festival and holds a wonderful smelling oil called Morgan LaFey. 
Dress: Cheap buy from Marshall’s
Shorts: Modified vintage. They were awkward length pants when I purchased them, so I turned them into bloomeresque shorts. 
Tights: Target
Socks: Mismatched. Charlotte Russe and Sock Dreams
Shoes: Well loved Doc Marten’s
Bag: Hand made elk skin bag from Dave’s Leather Company. 

This is my first OOTD here on tumblr! I hope everyone likes my fashion. :)

tfw i know someone gave lafey a linkpearl in the past week but for the life of me i can’t goddamn remember who it is and my ass got lazy with saving logs so this mystery just goes on and on