lafcadio orlovsky

Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Lafcadio Orlovsky, Gregory Corso. Mexico City, November 1956.

“There was no mention of the use of "measure” in poetry; not one of them said a thing about the death of the iambic pentameter in America; they spoke about themselves, not about poetry. The Beat Generation is no longer about poetry. The Beat Generation is now about everything.“

Gregory Corso. from Variations on a Generation. 

Lafcadio and Peter Orlovsky at kitchen table 5 Turner Terrace San Francisco – a veteran’s housing project near the giant gas tank on Potrero Hill.  Lafcadio came to stay with us age 15, cut high school to get jobs, had visions of becoming a millionaire by answering dozens of get-rich-quick sales ads in pulp magazine back pages.  Later that year 1956 we all took off with Gregory Corso to visit Denise Levertov in Guadalajara & Kerouac in Mexico City – he wrote about these “Darlovsky Brothers” in Desolation Angels soon after.

Photo and caption by Ginsberg