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Being in a Polyamorous relationship with the Hamilsquad...

(So sorry I got carried away!!)

  • Your boys would be the sweetest in the world
  • Lafayette giving you adorable little pet names in French
  • “Mon petit ange doux, you look divine in that dress.”
  • Always buying a turtle plush for John everytime you take a trip to the store with one of the boys.
  • Here’s how your multiple turtle purchases would go down…
  • Hercules stopped the grocery cart and reached out to catch your arm just as your hands wrapped around the small fluffy green animal with large sparkly blue eyes. He sighed as your large orbs met his, “Y/n, my sweet, I think John has got enough turtles by now don’t you-” The tall man was cut short as his other love stepped out from behind him, setting a box of uncooked noodles in the cart, then took the stuffed animal from your hands and set it in the overflowing cart.
    “Shush Hercules, let her get him the turtle. John loves them!” Alexander insisted. Hercules rolled his eyes and threw his hands up deciding the fight wasn’t worth. Y/n and Alex both erupted with happiness when seeing John’s reaction to the new additions to his collection that they gifted him with. Of course it warmed Hercules’ insides seeing his boyfriend so excited so he obliged and shook his head.
    “Fine, fine, but you two are going to explain this to Laf when he sees John’s getting yet another one.”
  • Hercules making you an endless supply of dresses
  • Cuddle sessions
  • You’d probably have a chores chart
  • John would be the biggest sweetheart out of the four
  • They’d be obsessed with making sure you’re always comfortable and know how much you’re loved
  • Random surprises at work
  • It would most likely be extremely awkward at the start, none of you sure what to do and how to go about a relationship involving five people but after a while things would smooth out
  • Movie nights galore!!
  • Giving the boys massages after long hard days
  • Alex ranting to you about his hatred for Jefferson
  • “He’s just a pathetic, spineless, pain in my ass! What the hell is his problem anyways, huh? I mean my god why doesn’t he just take the damn stick out of his mother fu-”
  • Doodling with John in your free time
  • Braiding the boy’s hair
  • “My love, are those flowers that you’re-”
    “Shush. You like it Alex, stop pretending you don’t.”
  • Bringing Hercules lunch and modeling his work for him
  • Thousands of group selfies
  • You all would move into a spacious apartment in New York with a large master bedroom that you all shared
  • The boys being extremely overprotective of you and each other
  • “That guy won’t stop drooling over Y/n.”
    “Oh tell me about it, this girl over here won’t stop making googly eyes at Laf.”
  • They’d love to baby you despite your protests
  • After a long day at work Hercules would draw you a bath as Lafayette carried you in and helped wash you
  • Lafayette tying your hair up in a bun whenever the chance is presented
  • Shoulder kisses
  • The boys would love placing small pecks all over your face as a sign of greeting
  • You all had enough trust in each other so jealousy wasn’t a very common thing
  • But there’d be a time when out with the boys you would run into Thomas Jefferson and Alex would go into full jealousy mode
  • He’d insist Jefferson was flirting with you and would have his hand wrapped securely around your waist with John holding your hand and Hercules glaring daggers at the man as he chatted away with Laf
  • But even Laf would get uncomfortable with the way his dear friend was staring you up and down
  • “Ah and this must be the lovely Y/n. I’ve heard so much about you. My, my you are more beautiful than the bright stars in the Virginia sky, my darlin’. Hope these men are treating you right, Hamilton especially. If you want to see what it’s like to be with a real man, one who can give you the attention you deserve-”
  • This would be Alex’s snapping point
  • Laf and Herc would have to hold him back from tearing apart the smug Jefferson as John would hold you close, blocking you from the sight
  • The rest of the night was spent snuggling together in bed under a mountain of blankets spent reassuring the boys just how much you love them
  • Morning showers together
  • The boys would try to do your makeup one night and surprisingly impress you with their skills
  • After noticing Lafayette’s constant distress and homesickness after a week or so Hercules, John, Alex, and yourself would get off early from work for the night and get to work make Lafayette a feast of authentic French themed foods
  • Laf being extremely overwhelmed at the action and going into an appreciative French spree of words- or rather so gibberish to three of you.
  • “Mes amours vous fondent mon coeur avec vos douces actions. Comment ai-je réussi à avoir la chance d'avoir quatre beaux anges qui m'aiment autant que je les fais? Je ne méritais pas de toi, mes amours.”
  • Hercules, John, and you turning to Alexander for translation
  • “He uh, he said he appreciates the action a lot and loves all of us more than anything.”
  • He’d then pull all of you in for a large group hug, which would happen often
  • Grocery shopping would take like five times longer for the fact that you live in a house with four other guys
  • John and Hercules always tagging along when you run errands
  • Alex writing heartwarming poems about you nonstop. He likes to sneak them into your work folders or your purse for moments when you need to hear it the most.
  • Hercules making all five of you matching Christmas sweaters in which you pose in for your family Christmas cards that make it out to all of your friends and family.
  • Girl gossip with the Schuyler sisters
  • I feel like Hercules would have a good list of jokes he’d say and mostly at inappropriate times
  • Like when it was Alex’s night to make dinner and he accidently overcooked the pork chops, Hercules would come into the kitchen taking in the dry black meat then look at Alex with a dead serious expression
  • “Hey babe, what do you call a pig that knows karate?”
    “Herc now is not the time-”
    “A pork chop.”
  • John always making silly faces at you from across the room when you’re stressed out
  • Laf being obsessed with taking candid photos of the boys and you,making a whole album full of them
  • “Laf why are you taking pictures of us? We’re just making lunch.” You mumbled half mindedly. The water on the stove was boiling heavily and John wrapped his arms around you from behind setting a handful of asparagus in the pot. He chuckled and placed a chaste kiss to the side of your cheek. Yet again another distinct shutter filled the air as Lafayette smiled to himself.
    “I bet it’s because we look absolutely adorable.” John whispered into your ear. You laughed as the vibration tickled your skin. Laf nodded and pointed towards the two of you,
    “Right you are, John.”
  • Making breakfast with Laf to bring to a sleeping Alex who passed out at his desk on top of piles of papers.
  • Having Christmas movie marathons laying in Hercules’ arms while Laf holds Alex and John cuddles up to your side
  • Becoming amazingly close friends with the Schuyler sister who love to hear about your relationship with the boys
  • But let’s be real, the sex would be outstanding
  • Like John would be sweet, gentle, and hesitant but in all the right ways
  • Alex would love to go down on you and the rest of the boys gaining pleasure out of satisfying his partners. He’s also pretty cocky, no pun intended, in bed but in all the right ways.
  • Lafayette exceeded in the department of dirty talk, whispering dirty French words in the shell of your ear and loud for the rest to hear which would turn Alex on above anything else seeing as he was the only who understood the words
  • Hercules was obsessed with undressing you and the boys loving to unravel you all before himself. He’s to most skilled out of all of you and it definitely comes in handy while in bed.
  • But afterwards they would always make sure you felt okay and cleaned you up
  • Fights would be to an extreme limit but when they did occur everyone acted fast
  • Alex was usually involved in the arguments while John would stand to the side, holding you close if you were near shielding you from the disaster.
  • Lafayette could be explosive if involved so Hercules acted as the peacemaker
  • In most cases all boys wanted the mess to end the second it would start but being hot tempered, sometimes it didn’t matter if the issue was large enough
  • Alex would apologized no longer than five minutes after the start almost in tears feeling horrible for his actions
  • He would rush over to John and you pulling both of you in close as the other two would join in
  • You would all then spend the night over a tub of ice cream peacefully sorting out the issue at hand.
  • So many kisses
  • Exploring the city together
  • Out of all the boys, Alex is the most difficult to convince of things
  • It’s a chore alone just to get that boy to bed
  • And when clothes shopping, you always make sure to go with Laf or John
  • Alex is the smartest with the shopping and usually knows what you actually need and don’t need
  • Hercules insists he can make you whatever article of clothing you want
  • But John simply cannot resist saying no to you and Laf just wants to see you smile so he had no problem throwing whatever amount of money down to cover the cost. (In no means is this used in the gold digger content.)
  • It makes John and Laf so happy when they say yes to you and you erupt in a fit of happy giggles and ‘thanks yous’
  • Every once in awhile all of you would take a trip. It always varied depending on whose choice it was. Lafayette loved taking you all to his home in France, Alex was a fan of adventurous tropical vacations (sometimes cruises but it took a lot of convincing) and heading to Spain for a change of culture, John liked camping trips or mountain explorations, Hercules was a fan of road trips and calm vacations on the shores of beaches in Hawaii, and you managed to talk to boys into backpacking in Europe which although stressful during the process, was a successful vacation and you enjoyed weekends up north far from the social world.
  • Lafayette would come home from work and surprise you with various coloring books or Paris, India, New York, etc. from the local Barnes and Noble. This being said you would steal many or John’s coloring utensils to fill in the books.
  • The boys all had different drunk types
  • Alex was whiny. SOOOOO freaking whiny when drunk.
  • “Y/n… can you please cuddle me?”
    “Jack gimme kisses.”
    “Hercules can you make me pizza?”
    “Laf, babe, are you ignoring me? No baby, lay with me!”
    “Alex sweetheart, I’m doing laundry what do you want?”
  • John was the cuddly drunk who always wanted kisses and hugs. He’d latched himself onto whichever partner was closest and would die before letting go. If someone would say no to John- they’d pay the price. In an instant he’d erupt in a fury of tears and totally let go of himself. Herc, being the usual sober one, was there right away comforting the sensitive boy.
  • Laf was a happy drunk. There was always a award winning smile on his face when a drink was in his hand. He’d tell jokes in different accent and whisper incoherent French words in your ear. He liked to get touch with all his partners and always had a hand on at least one of you while intoxicated. Lafayette was known to laugh at least once every two minutes, sometimes at nothing at all while drunk. He found the world to be one huge joke and had the time of his life.
  • Hercules let loose entirely. He was more of a partier when drunk and liked to brag, a lot. It wasn’t always about entirely PG-13 things either if you know what I mean. He also enjoyed showing Laf, Alex, John, and yourself off as well. Not in a disrespectful manner, just talked about how much he loved all of you. His lips were constantly pressed against your temple as well as the other boys. He’d holler and shout at a ball game on the screen that while sober he wouldn’t even give a second glance to.
  • Speaking of sports, almost everyone in the house was into something different but when March came around, the house was madness… pun intended.
  • The boys as well as yourself would all make brackets. Money was involved, no doubt. Smack talk was also a component even though none of you cared for the sport too much until March.
  • Alex would watch every game leading up to the event feverishly mapping out his plan. In the end, he would take into account more of the end scores than the effort and passion of each team. His end game was between Gonzaga and North Carolina.
  • John would argue against Alex and root for all the underdogs. Things wouldn’t turn out well for him but he had fun! John liked cheering for all teams and tened to root for the team with the most passion and enthusiasm. He was one for effort and hustle so when all his first round picks lost, he didn’t mind.
  • There was no doubt about it, Lafayette cheered for the team ahead. He was a typical bandwagon and switch sides faster than any traitor in history. Laf claimed he didn’t do so but it was clear. Sometimes he would cheer for the team with the name he recognized but he did enjoy watching basketball and seeing the games. Not knowing whether to pick North or South Carolina, Lafayette cheated the system deciding to write ‘Carolina’ as the end winner, claiming he did it on accident but everyone knew what he was up to.
  • Hercules cheered for the team with the best colors. He wasn’t as into basketball as most and prefered to watch his loves get excited themselves. Although he did pick Gonzaga, due to Alex spending an entire week talking him into it. Hercules didn’t mind though, he had no idea what was going on anyways. At the start he had put in the Lakers and Bulls, not realizing the huge difference between college and professional.
  • You on the other hand had watched the teams throughout their whole season which also meant you understood every game was different so you took an approach similar to John. In the end, Alex was the closest to perfection and made sure to let you all know it. But he choose to spend the money won on a night out on the town filed with kisses, champagne, expensive food, and loving memories.
  • You and Alex would be overly involved in reality TV
  • Like don’t even get him started on all those Real Housewives shows. Alex lives for the, most likely scripted, drama. You both try to get the other boys in on it although the only one who bites the bait is Hercules. Her claims he ‘hates’ the shows but you had caught him one Sunday night after everyone had long passed taken on sleep. You had felt his side of the bed shift and soon enough he was creeping out of the room. You followed him in curiosity and the sight you found was no one to disappoint.
  • Hercules has an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians playing at the lowest volume and he was fully consumed.
  • You tiptoed silently down the wooden staircase holding a hand over your mouth to keep your breathing shallow. The light from the TV screen flashed in the dim lit room. You peeked out around the corner of the wall taking in the sight before you. Hopping out from behind the wall you shot your hand out at your boyfriend and hollered in delight,  
    “Ha! I knew it, you do love it!” Hercules jumped a mile high, his bowl of popcorn spilling out as he did so. His eyes flickered from the screen, to you, to the screen, then back to you again. Shooting his hands up surrender, Herc quickly snatched the remote from the cushion turning the show off instantly. “Sweetheart, it’s not what it looks like. I just- I wanted to see… fine you caught me. Don’t you dare tell Alex.”
    “Nope, too late.” A new voice appeared from the bottom of the stairs where a smug looking Alex stood. His hands were folded across his chest with his weight staggered to one hip. The cocky demeanor was shinning as bright as a new lightbulb. The introduction of another voice, or two, followed shortly after.
    “Damn Hercules, they got you too.” John commented sleepily. His messy locks curled around his face perfectly as his eyes batted heavily. You and Alex chuckled joining Hercules on the couch. Both of you were waiting for Monday to watch it together but what better time than the present.
    Alex snuggled into Hercule’s side humming at the man’s hand falling around his frame. You reached forward locking your hand with Alexander’s and rested your head on his shoulder. Laf smiled at the view and walked around the opposite end taking a seat on the floor. He turned around and faced Hercules with a side smirk,
    “C’mon babe I thought you were strong!”
    “Sorry you two! It’s just so terrible it’s addicting. Sit and watch it, just one and you’ll see what I mean.”
  • But above everything you all loved each other more than anything and did everything in your power to protect each other and make one another feel loved and cared for.

Hope you liked it! 

- Daizy xx

tallish-hobbit  asked:

I'm kinda surprised I've never requested something before lol anyways 20 (off the 50 prompts list) with Laf taking care of reader after a long stressful day please?

I am too surprised about that, but I am not surprised you’re requesting Laf ;) 

20. In a bubble bath you filled for us both

A long sigh escapes you as you lean back against Lafayette’s solid chest, his long fingers reaching to press into your tense muscles. 

After a stressful few weeks, the tension in your shoulders has been building to the point where Laf took your computer from you and decided you needed a night to relax and that he was in charge of making sure you do.

Starting with a warm bubble bath. 

Filling the room with candles, and playing soft instrumental Jazz he’d created the perfect atmosphere for you. He made sure that you’re comfortable, sitting between his legs with your back pressed against his chest. 

“Too much pressure?” he whispers, lips grazing the shell of your ear. 

“No, not enough. Gotta press harder Gilbert,” you mumble, your eyes drifting shut as his fingers press deeper into your tense and tight shoulders. 


“Yeah that’s better.” 

Gently, he presses his soft lips to your neck his fingers still working away on your shoulders. 

You can feel the stress leaving your body as your concentrate on his hands and his lips. It’s hard to admit it, but you know this was the right choice, this is the perfect way to spend your evening and honestly, you’re struggling to remember everything you were so stressed about. 

“How does that feel mon amour?” he asks softly. 

“So, so good Gil… you’re really good at that,” you whisper, your head falling back to rest on his shoulder. 

“You deserve the best mon amour, you’ve been working yourself so hard lately you need the break.” 

“Hm, I agree. This is a nice break.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it Y/N”

favriotefightingfrenchmeme  asked:

Can you do leggy (laf and Peggy) and swimming

Laf was usually never this nervous around anyone. Out of all his friends, he was the most outgoing (and that was saying a lot, being friends with someone like John- hi-I-just-met-you-and-this-is-crazy-but-wanna fuck?- Laurens).

But when Peggy Schuyler stepped out of her family’s house in that tiny yellow bikini with those killer curves… how did English work again? 

It was a tradition for Philip Schuyler to throw a summer BBQ, which, as his three daughters got older, just turned into a dirty sinful pool party that Philip pretended was going well (see: this is fine meme to understand his struggle.) Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy sent out invitations all over the neighbourhood, and it was always a huge turnout. 

Alexander did the backstroke by Laf. “Ya look kinda spaced out, mon ami. You good?”

Lafayette finally tore his eyes away from the youngest sister and her little belly ring shaped like a sun, and blinked at his friend. “Oh… oh, oui. Y-yes. Je suis desole, je- ehh…” he made a frustrated little noise, “Sorry, Alexander. I was distracted.”

Alex followed his line of sight, confused when he found no one. “Okay, who is it now? Thomas or Angelica? They both brought their bathing suit game today, if you ask me. Mmm… damn, ‘specially Jefferson.”

“You called?” Thomas floated by on a giant inflatable duck, sipping a cooler with his shades on. 

“What the… the fff… fUCK OFF, JEFFERSON!” Alex screeched, splashing pool water his way defensively, but the attack wave hit James and his patchily-sunblocked face instead. 

“Ow,” the small teen sighed, wiping the chlorine out of his eyes as he followed Thomas. Alex turned back to Laf, who was biting his lip. 

“Seriously baguette, who are you… ohhh,” Alex nodded knowingly. “Eliza, right? Look at that bod.” The middle sister surfaced, flipping her hair back with a huge smile. But Laf’s gaze went right by her.  

“Meerph,” Laf mumbled back, eyes trained on how close Peggy and her tiny bikini were getting to him. 

“I can set you two up- I mean, I used to date ‘Liza, before, y’know, Maria, then Samuel, then John, then…” he counted his partners, then waved it off, “She doesn’t hate me too much, I’m sure she’d consider you.”

“Alexander?” Laf asked. 


“Would you ever so kindly fuck off for a moment?” he smiled sweetly, and walked forward through the water to Peggy. “Hey,” he said, blushing. 

Peggy looked up at him, grinning. “Laf. ‘Sup?”

Laf knew what was literally up, but he probably shouldn’t tell her. 

“I like your hair,” Lafayette started with. “Your bathing suit is also very, very nice.” The way it barely covered her breasts… the way the water dripped down her skin… But seriously, this was weird. He would normally look at her like a conquest- he was currently staring at her as if she was Cleopatra. 

“Thank you?” Peggy quirked a sassy eyebrow. 

“I am probably being a bit forward, but…” Laf swallowed, averting eye contact. “I think you are pretty, and…” he scratched a hand through his hair, and Peggy caught an accidental eyeful of the french student’s bulging bicep, “I do not know… I just wanted to get that off my chest.”

“Chest, huh?” Peggy swooned, eyes half lidded as she stared straight forward. Laf stared back with equally raised eyebrows, and she suddenly snapped out of it. “Oh right! You think I’m pretty! Um… thanks!”

“Ughhh, I am the worst,” Laf groaned, “Sorry, everyone probably tells you that. I should probably get back to-” 

“Wait,” Peggy smirked, floating up close to him, “Laf… my arms are getting tired. Would you hold me up?”

“Oh… ma cherie, of course.” Laf nervously scooped her up, his hands fitting under her thighs, dangerously close to her ass… their noses bumped, and Peggy gave a devilish grin as Laf stuttered, their lips inches apart…


Angelica’s voice rang out, and Laf dropped Peggy with a squeal and a splash.


“A-Angelica, I-I was doing nothing of the s-”

“Damn right you weren’t,” the oldest Schuyler sister shot back, crossing her arms from where she was tanning. Peggy clung to Laf protectively, sticking her tongue out at her big sister when she turned, and Laf chuckled weakly. If they did end up going out, imagine the sex talk they would get from Angie. 

Just then, Philip Schuyler came out holding a tray of burger patties with a smile on his face. 

“Heyo kiddos! Hope everyone’s enjoying themselves! I’ve brought some-”

“C A N N O N B A L L  M O T H E R F U C K E R S!” Herc screamed, and the splash he made in the pool soaked poor Philip. James got out, passing Mr. Schuyler a towel.

“Welcome to the club, sir.”

Laf and Peggy couldn’t help but giggle as she held onto him, and Laf swung her up. The sun was still high, and they didn’t have a care in the world anymore except for swimming. 

Secret (Alexander X Reader)

A/N: Hello, lovelies! This imagine was requested by @justapieceofsimstrash. It’s a modern au, featuring the Hamilsquad and Schuyler Sisters as well! It’s all pretty fluffy, and I hope you enjoy! 

t was early. Too early to be awake. Either way, someone was opening the curtains of the hotel room. You squinted, trying to figure out who was letting the light in. It was Alexander, of course. “Good morning, sleepyhead.” He came over to the bed you’d shared last night, sitting next to you. “How are you?” He fan his fingers through your hair, which made you smile.

“Good,” You paused, collecting your thoughts. “Tired, but good.”

“Well I hope you aren’t too tired, because everyone else wanted to go to the beach today.” Alex, never one to sit still for too long, had gotten up and began pulling different shirts and shorts out of his suitcase for your trip to Hawaii. 

“I’ll come. Do you know when we’re going?” You started to climb out of bed, messily making it afterwards.

“We’re meeting in the lobby at noon.” You nodded, and started to get ready. Reaching into your suitcase, you pulled out your favorite bikini. It had a plunging neck line, which was filled with strips of fabric, almost like a cage. In the back, it tied like a halter. The bottoms were less than modest, and were black, to match the top. It was definitely revealing, but you didn’t care, because it was just your friends.

Alexander was in the bathroom, but when he got out, he took one look at you and said, “Whoa.”

“You like it?” You did a little pose, for your boyfriend to take a look.

“I’m not sure if I can keep my hands off of you in front of everyone else if you’re wearing that.” 

“Then don’t.” You flashed a smirk, obviously being a tease. In this bathing suit, you felt like a model. You were so confident, and you loved it.

“Y/N, you know that we’re keeping our relationship a secret.” Alex whined. “Weren’t you the one who said ‘Keep it a secret, it’s funner that way’? The two of you had gotten together a few days before your group of friends flew off to Hawaii for vacation. Now you were three days into the trip, and you weren’t sure if you could last another four days without the group finding out. You and Alex would have to leave the hotel room at different times, so no one suspected that you were sharing a room. 

“C’mon, Alex. Do you actually think Herc will care?” The reason you weren’t telling your friends was because you and Hercules used to be dating. Although now you were great friends, you didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Alex gave you a knowing look, and you groaned. “You’re right.” You paused, and then said, “But I’m still wearing this bathing suit.”

“Fine. I’ll just have to keep it to myself.” Alex groaned, but he still wasn’t that upset, because he got to see you in that bathing suit.

Everyone was packed up and heading down to the lobby. You went before Alexander, and you were greeted by Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. You all sat in the hotel lobby, waiting for the guys. Soon enough, John, Laf, Alex, and Herc came through the elevator. “Everyone ready to go?” John was eager to get on the beach. You all nodded, climbing into two different cars. One for the boys, and one for the girls. 

“So, Y/N.” Angelica looked back at you through the rear view mirror. “Are you sure that you don’t want to room with us?” To make it so you and Alex could share a room, you had told the girls that they could have a room so you wouldn’t crowd it with four people. Alex said the same thing.

“Don’t worry Angelica. I don’t want to crowd things up. Peggy’s already on the pull out couch.”

“Yeah, and it’s awful.” Peggy joked.

“Peggy! Be hospitable.” Eliza scolded. You all giggled.

As silence sunk in, you wondered what the guys were doing in their car…

The beach looked stunning. The crystal clear water lapped up on the soft sand. As foam washed away from the tides, shells would appear in the sand, before they were quickly snatched up again by the waves. Everything was so pretty, almost too pretty to walk on. 

Clearly, John and Laf didn’t feel the same way, because they were running down the sand with their surfboards. One of them shouted, “Calabunga!” and the other went, “Woohoooo!”

The group spread out on the beach, which was fairly empty. John, Herc, and Alex took on the waves with their little surfing knowledge. Lafayette sun bathed in a bathing suit that left little to the imagination. Peggy and Eliza took photos. Angelica was reading. You watched the boys surf, rather, fall of their boards.

After a while, the guys came in, talking about how much fun they had. “Did you see me out there, Y/N?” Alex came up to you, and you both gave each other a peck on the lips. The moment you withdrew, you realized what you had done, and you could tell that Alex felt the same. Everything fell silent.

Angelica was the first to speak, “What.”

“Was.” Eliza followed.

“That.” Peggy finished the sentence.

Everyone stared at you and Alex, waiting for an answer. “I can explain.” Alex spoke, and you worried that his answer wouldn’t convince them.

“Okay, so a week or so before we left for Hawaii, Y/N and I were hanging out. As friends and all. But then things began to escalate, and-”

“Alex, you can skip over that part.” You interrupted him, afraid that he would embarrass you.

“Well after that we kinda realized that we really, really liked each other. We just didn’t want to hurt Hercules’s feelings, or make anything awkward between our friend group. Sorry guys.” Alex hung his head low, as if he were ashamed.

“It’s okay.” Hercules was the first one to speak, which surprised you. “Y/N and I dated so long ago, and we’re great friends now. I don’t mind at all.” Then, other people began to chime in about how they were fine with it.

You and Alex smiled, and everyone had a group hug. “Thanks guys.”

Finally (College!AU Alexander x Reader)

You tried desperately to beat the summer heat, sitting in front of your fan with the shades drawn in your room. Summers in New York could be miserable, but it’s so much worse when your landlord tells you that there is an air conditioning unit but fails to mention it’s not functional. You began to dose off in the small air current and the shade of your room, until someone burst through your door. 

“Go away Al.” You groaned, hearing his unmistakable chuckle. Alexander Hamilton was your best friend in college, but while that had its upsides he was incredibly social and rowdy. He pulled you up into his arms and spun you. “C’mon (Y/N) it’s a beautiful day and the guys are all coming over to go swimming in my complex’s pool that no one uses and I want you to be there!” You looked at him, confused but smirking. 

“Why, you guys planning to snap photos of me in a bikini because I never show skin?” Alex looked at you, just as confused as you felt. He put a hand on your shoulder and looked you in the eyes. “We aren’t those kinds of people. I’m inviting you because you’re one of the guys.” Alex told you, reassuringly. You smiled, feeling relieved even though your heart sank a little at being ‘one of the guys’ to Alexander. You grabbed some sunscreen before taking Alexander’s arm and walking to his car. 

Later, you arrived at Alex’s place where you were bribed and eventually paid to help Alex prepare snacks because the guy tried to bake a cake once and melted the baking pan. For some reason, Alexander asked you to leave your phone inside which you did. You put snacks on a fold up table you brought out to the pool and put some sun screen on your face and arms before sitting in a chair. “Mon amie, where is your bathing suit?” Lafayette asked, earning sounds and remarks of confusion from the guys. 

“Sorry I just don’t feel like swimming right now the water is probably cold anyway.” You said, not stating the truth that you didn’t want all your friends to see your body in a girl’s swimsuit. “You aren’t going to swim?” Aaron asked, tugging at the towel around his neck. You looked up at him and shook your head, smiling. “Sorry Aaron but you know I’m not big on this kind of stuff.” He nodded and sat next to you, pulling a book out of his book bag and beginning to read. John, Hercules, and Alex were all whispering to each other as Lafayette started scolding them about how “That’s no way to treat a lady.” You figured Hercules was telling another one of his infamous ‘Last Night I’ stories. John swam over to the side of the pool you were sitting by. 

“Hey (Y/N), come here for a second I learned a cool trick I want to show you!” John wasn’t one to normally trick you, so you walked over and nodded for him to continue. “HEY (Y/N) BEHIND YOU!” Hercules shouted. You heard Lafayette and Aaron tell you something along the lines of “Watch out!” before you turned around to see a grinning Alexander who pushed you into the deep end of the pool. You panicked, flailing and trying to keep your head above water as you began to hyperventilate in a panic. Alex, John, and Hercules all laughed their asses off while Lafayette calmed you down, and you glared at Alex. 

“What the hell man?! These are the only clothes I brought!” You shouted angrily, seeing Alex cower at your raised voice. “I’m sorry I thought you’d laugh I made sure your phone was inside so nothing got ruined I’m sorry…” He said, avoiding eye contact with you. You smirked and hatched a plan quickly, Alex was still dressed and now was your chance to get payback. You got out of the pool and continued to glare at Alexander, putting your hand out to him. “Give me your phone I’m calling a cab.” You snapped, making Alexander wince at your tone. He handed you his phone, and in a flash you tossed it to Aaron and shoved Alex into the pool only to dive in after him. He glared at you, splashing you playfully. This resulted in a war between the five of you (Aaron was reading) that lasted four hours. 

When the sun was low in the sky, Aaron and John had left leaving Lafayette and Hercules in Alexander’s apartment drying off, and you and Alex still in the pool. “Hey (Y/N?)” Alex asked shyly. That wasn’t normal. “What did I do?” he laughed at the underlying fear in your voice. “No no I was just wondering if um… Maybe next time, it could be just us… and you could wear a proper swimsuit and we could just hang out? I-If You want to that is!” He was blushing hard, so hard in fact you could see it in the dim light of the pool lights and the sunset.  “Yeah… Hey Alex?” you asked. “Yeah?” You let a smile grace your lips and you swam closer to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and standing in water that only came to your midsection. 

“Dance with me?”

“We don’t have any music.” Alexander reminded you, but you started swaying anyway. “We don’t have to.” You both danced for quite some time together, your movements slowed by the water. “Hold your breath…” He told you. You did, and he dipped you under water and placed a kiss on your lips. He pulled you back up, keeping his lips on yours. The kiss became more needy and passionate before you broke it quickly at the sound of two voices in unison.

“God damn FINALLY”