Office Talk - Thomas Jefferson X Reader

(Swiss fucking cheese this is bad, mostly because I haven’t been able to write in a while, but hopefully as I get back into the swing of things, the imagines get better!)


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“Alexander, when I said that your work was enticing, I didn’t mean ‘take me to your office so I can watch you fit at a desk for hours and write”

You said, sitting in an armchair in the corner of your best friend, Alexander’s office. He let out a bit of a laugh when you said that, but he never looked up from his paper. You frowned and let out a groan.

“I’m bored.” You said, sighing dramatically. He set down his pen and raised his gaze from the paper to you slowly as if to say you were annoying him.

“Well, why don’t you go explore?” He said, speaking to you like a child. You were just about to fire back but then realized, it wasn’t that bad of an idea.

You shrugged and stood from the chair, waving goodbye to him and stepping outside his office. You roamed the halls, admiring the pearly marble floor and the charming art pieces that littered shelves on the walls.

You roamed for around ten minutes, the endless elegance and charm keeping your vision occupied, so you didn’t see the very tall man in a magenta coat exit his office and collide with you.

You fell to the floor with a soft thud, pain on the back of your head grew as the man frantically asked if you were ok.

“I apologize, ma’am, I didn’t see you coming, are you alright? Is there anything I can do?” He said, offering his hand out to you. You smiled gratefully and took it, him lifting you with ease. 

“Thank you, uh,” You stopped your sentence, unaware of the man’s name. 

“Oh, how rude of me!” He chuckled, taking your hand and bringing his lips to your knuckles.

“My name is-” He began

JEFFERSON!” Alexander shouted as he turned the corner, laying his angry eyes upon the man in the magenta coat. Suddenly, the happy smile the man Alexander called ‘Jefferson’ wore grew into a snide grin.

“Why hello, Alexander.” He still held your hand gently “Pleasure seeing you here”

“Skip the pleasantries, macaroni fucker, let go of Y/N’s hand.” He said through his teeth, his gaze never leaving Jefferson,

“Y/N? That’s possibly the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard. “ He smiles at you, returning his lips to your knuckles once more before saying the suave words that made your cheeks turn crimson. 

“My name is Thomas Jefferson, but you can call me daddy.”  


Who got a new obsession?’s me

things that fuck me right up about hamilton

• in Aaron Burr, Sir when Burr says “fools who run their mouths off wind up dead” and then Laurens comes in
• “don’t call me son”
• literally all of History Has It’s Eyes On You and Dear Theodosia
• “my name is Phillip, I am a poet”
• in One Last Time when Washington is singing and Hamilton is talking
• “i couldn’t seem to die”
• in The Reynolds Pamphlet when you start hearing the beginning of Burn
• all of Burn but especially when she goes “you, you, you, you” and you can hear the hurt
• if you’ve ever watched the musical, the scream Eliza lets out after Phillip dies
• the “shh, i know, i know” s
• “if i could spare his life, if i could trade his life for mine, he’d be standing here right now, and you would smile, and that would be enough.”
• the “it’s quiet uptowns” during The Election Of 1800"
• “best of wives and best of women”
• “now i’m the villain in your history.”
• hamilton’s speech before he dies, and when he screams “wait!”
• all of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.
• “oh, can i show you what im proudest of?”
• the fact that Eliza outlived all of her siblings except for the youngest, who was 24 years younger than her.

I’d like to take this time to remember my boy Lin-Manuel Miranda.

He’s not dead, I just love remembering him.

Lafayette x Reader; Modern! Au (Part 3)

Words: 984

Warning: cluelessness because everyone’s so stupid


Prompt: nah

A/N: I didn’t think anyone liked this so this request is kind of a surprise I have a problem with cliffhangers (this one is a cliffhanger tooooooo)

the time skips are just switching from upstairs to downstairs point of views :)


“Hey, Angelica!” You greeted, hugging her has you walked in to the Schuyler sisters’ home, “Is Peggy here?”

Angelica smiled, “Yeah, she’s upstairs– oh! And, I’m just warning you, I’m having a small get together with some friends in a while, you won’t mind, will you?”

“Well– depends, ‘small get together’ as in an actual 'small get together’, or 'small get together’ as in 'I’m having a party and someone might end up puking in my shoes?’ Because we’ve have different ideas in the past.”

Angelica laughed, “Just a small get together, nothing big or bold, it’s just a few friends.”

You gave a reassuring smile, “Yeah, it’s fine. I don’t care.”

You walked up the stairs towards Peggy’s room, which you’ve been in previous times before with gossiping and parties and other things.

Peggy swung the door open before you touched the doorknob, smiling, “Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in forever!” She engulfed you in a bone-crushing hug.

“Peggy, you saw me last week!” You said, laughing. She let you go, “Oh, yeah, right. Sorry.”

You laughed, again as she let you into her room, “Ah, I actually haven’t been here in a while, we usually go out to hang out or something.”

“Do you want to? We don’t have to be stuck up in here–”

You smiled, “Peggy, I don’t care that were in here, it’s fine… And it kind of feels like when we were kids.”

Peggy shrugged, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“… Did you know Ang was having a small get together with friends?”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang, you and Peggy both started laughing. “Yeah, I knew, it’s no big deal. I’d rather hang out with you than them,” Peggy said.

You nudged her in the side with your elbow slightly,  "That’s rude! I’m sure they’re way more fun to hang out with than me.“

Peggy rolled her eyes, "Don’t doubt yourself, you’re an amazing friend.”

There were moments of silence, with this, your mind wandered of to your job. At the bar. And that Floofy-haired-Frenchman.

You wondered, if you were working today, even if it was the middle of the day, would he come and visit you? Would he actually try and say hi to you?

No– he wouldn’t. He was just being nice to you when someone was being disrespectful, everything he said was probably out of pity since no other guys seemed to talk to you. That’s what it was, he was just being nice.

“What’s up with you? You’re kinda quiet and… Not you…” Peggy asked.

“Uh, it’s nothing– I just kinda, met this guy–”

“Tell me everything!” She demanded, she pushed you down in a chair while she sat on the bed. You took a breath, and begun.

“Hey, guys!” Angelica exclaimed, opening the door wide for her guests, “Uh, Alexander, Eliza is in the kitchen if you need her, she’s getting food.”

Each guest took a seat in the Schulyers home, the guests including Mulligan, Laurens, Hamilton, and Lafayette.

Hamilton held his head, “My head still hurts from last night, why did you let me drink so much?”

“It was Johns plan,” Lafayette accused, Hercules laughed, John looked hurt.

“What did you guys do last night?” Eliza asked, walking into the living room.

“Laf, here, was hitting on a bartender that he’s been talking to,” Mulligan teased.

“Arrêtez! I’ve barely talked to her!” Lafayette said.

“Describe him again?” Peggy asked, sitting in the chair you were once in.

Now Peggy was acting like a therapist, while you layed on the bed, staring at the ceiling, telling her everything about this boy.

“I don’t know, he’s French, he’s tall, and attractive…”

“That’s all you can describe him with?” Peggy asked.

“I don’t know! I haven’t talked to him!”

“Do you know his name?”

You sat up, staring straight ahead, “Oh my god I never got his name…” You mumbled.

Peggy sighed, “Well, I may have a filler man for you, just to get your mind off of this guy your swooning over.”

“I’m not swooning!”

“Okay, just for you to get your mind off of this guy that makes you angry all the time.”

“I’m not angry! I’m confused and stressed!” You declared.

“Really? I may have a girl for you, her name is y/n, and she is probably the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet!” Angelica said

“i aime vraiment cette fille…” (I really like this girl), Lafayette mumbled, looking down at his hands.

“Come on, man, you don’t have to go into a long term with her! It could only be one date if you don’t like her,” Hamilton said.

Lafayette thought about it, it was pure silence in the room.

“Can I set it up? Please, please, please?” Angelica asked.

“Okay…” Lafayette said, Angelica fist pumped the air.

Laurens checked his watch, “Ah, guys, it’s getting late, we should probably leave.”

The boys murmured in response, Hamilton gave Eliza a quick kiss before heading out the door with his buddies.

Angelica quickly ran up the stairs when they left, “Y/n, y/n, y/n, y/n!” She yelled, opening the door to Peggy’s room.

“I got you a date!”

Peggy crossed her arms, “That’s what I was doing! I was setting her up with Lafayette!”

Angelica gave her a look, “That’s who I was setting her up with…” There were moments of silence, “Anyways, will you do it? Will you go on the date?”

“Sure, I guess… Text me the details? I should probably get going.”

Angelica nodded.

Simply Meant To Be - John Laurens x Reader

“Hello :)  Could you write an imagine where John and the reader like each other but the reader is in an arranged marriage and with a happy ending.” -by @mystiqueandflame

Well it came out sooner than I said. Sorry this took so long!!! Here it is, and I hope you enjoy it~!


You and John Laurens sat underneath a big willow tree in the local park, it was late at night, so you were both alone. Meeting together on nights like this was typical for you and John, as you had to keep everything secret from your Mother.

Your Mother was a strong Loyalist, and she didn’t want you with the Patriot rascals, like John Laurens and his friends. So she put you into an arranged marriage, you didn’t know the man you were to wed, but you knew you wouldn’t like him.

John and You had been secretly courting for almost a year now, and your wedding was approaching fast. You were supposed to meet your fiancé the night before the wedding, and you weren’t happy about it.

“John, I’m scared about our future.” You told him, as you nuzzled your head into his chest.

“I’m scared too, (Y/N). But I know that this will all end well.” He replied, while resting his head on the top of yours. You pulled away to look at him in his deep, dark eyes.

“What makes you say something as ridiculous as that? John, there’s no way out of this marriage! I’m going to be wed, and you’ll be alone. Maybe you’ll find someone to replace me..” You said, beginning to cry.

John lifted your face with his fingers, your (E/C) eyes looked at his face, John’s eyes sparkled with hope.

“I know this will end well, because we’re simply meant to be. If we’ve been together this long, then we must be destined for one another.” He assured you, as he wrapped you in his warm embrace. You hugged him back, before you realized the time.

“Oh no, John I have to go. Mother is going to kill me if I don’t get back now.” You stood, before rushing off. You turned around, now walking backwards to wave to your boyfriend, then you spun back around and ran home.


You got yelled at by your Mother when you got home, she yelled at you for being late. Thank God she didn’t know about you and John, but you were greeted with not so good news.

“Your wedding has been moved up to next week, as your fiancé has business plans scheduled on your original wedding date.” She told you, her face stern and her tone, stiff.

“Yes Mother.” You replied simply, before going to your room. You closed the door, and walked to your bed. The soft blankets wrinkled as you sat down on the mattress, you put your head in your hands and began to weep. Life was not treating you well.


That week had passed quickly, and you were in your room again, but you were dressed in your white wedding gown. You were crying, quiet and slow sobs escaped your lips. You stopped your tears, as you heard tapping on the window. John was in the tree outside your bedroom window! You opened the window and let him in.

“John! What are you doing here? My Mother could catch you.” You said, hugging him tightly.

“(Y/N), I’ve been thinking. Your life isn’t fair, you’re going to be wed off, and I can’t bear he thought of you being with some stuck up noble who won’t pay attention to you. So.. let’s run.” He looked into you deeply.

“John.. what if-” He put a finger on your lips.

“I love you, and that’s all that matters. You Mother can never break true love apart.” He said, before holding out his arms.

“Let’s run away.” He repeated. You took his hand and he lead you out of the room, the two of you began to run, and you never looked back.

‘This is my future. I’m with my love, and life will be okay.’ You thought.

‘This was simply meant to be.’

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Burn - John Laurens Edition

I saved every letter you wrote to me
From the moment I read them
I knew you were mine
You said you were mine
In my heart you were mine

Do you know what Lafayette said
When he saw your first letter arrive?
He said

“It’s a dangerous world for such love,
You must do what it takes to survive.”

You and your words flooded my senses
In my last moments I was defenseless
But you’ve built my heaven out of your paragraphs
You’ve built cathedrals

Your son’s reading the letters your wrote to me
He’s searching and scanning for answers
In every line
For some reason why…
Alex, God, you were mine!
The world seemed to


He’s published the letters you wrote to me
He’s told the whole world but still they just
Don’t see how things were
In those days of the war, you kept me alive

Do you know what Martha will say
When she sees what I’ve done?
She’ll say

“I can finally understand
Why it was never me that he loved.”

You and your words have left us a legacy
Hidden messages in ev’ry sentence
But they have censored our love from each paragraph
Now how will they see you?

You, you, you…

Our love’s been erased from the narrative
Let future historians ponder how Laurens reacted
When he lost your heart
Out story’s torn apart
I’m watching it
Watching it burn
The world has no place for my heart
Or the things that went on in our bed
Your son doesn’t care what I said
So burn all the memories
Burn all the letters on how I adored you
I forfeit all rights to your heart
I’ve long lost my place in your bed
Perhaps I am better off dead
Now I’m left with the memories
Of when you were mine
I can’t bear the burn