This is a long over due gift for the super amazing, talented and beautiful 

  laevris!! ♥♥
I have admired you and your art since I first came across your deviantart a few years back, and may I say it has been a pleasure watching you grow as an artist, you are beyond amazing!
You are the reason I loved drawing animals and anthros, despite taking a break for quite a while to draw people, they’ve always had a special place in my heart.
You’ve gone through so much and deserve nothing but happiness! 
I hope you like this ;A; ♥♥
It’s much better than what I drew you back in 2012…..rson-304456515
You are such a gorgeous person ♥♥
Much love, isupportomnom

ps Delta is such a gorgeous character ;A; you always have such beautiful designs

Delta @
External image

Myha @
External image

saladsnack-deactivated20141129 even though you’re gone ;A; ♥