orlandoobloom-deactivated201408  asked:

3, 7, 13, 15, and 24

3. 5 things that irritate me about the same sex/opposite sex. Well…

  • stupidity
  • lack of hygiene
  • selfishness
  • arogance
  • lack of respect towards others

7. things i like and things i don’t like about the way i look. I love my hair, eyes and lips. Aaaaaaaaand I hate my figure (obv)

13. one person from tumblr i’d throw off a cliff, one i’d marry and one i’d fuck. Oh, well this is a surprise. Well, I guess I’d throw colinsodonoghue off a cliff because she said she’ll blow up my ovaries and that is by far not okay (yes, Meera, I’m talking to you). I’d marry ladyyloki, because have you seen this flawless sweetheart? And I’d fuck millerings because her icon has that weird vibe idk and she’s awesome so there you go.

15. lyrics that apply to my current situation/mood. 

Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t saying nothing

A hundred mothafuckas can’t tell me nothing

I beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap

I beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap

24. someone i’d like to be for a day and why. I’d love to be a queen for a day. Cause then I’d get to boss people around and call them peasants and shit.