I think this is the most ink I’ve ever used on one picture. Overlaying over mistakes with white out and then black over and over lol.

I’ve wanted to do something with Nny’s mirror reflections for some time. And this was the general idea. It’s toying with the idea that they’re past lives may be self aware. While the recent version is living it up as a rock star the one in the middle is slightly into it, dancing along. While the one on the end is always going to be a ornery blemish.


So I was costesting Nny yesterday, and then we went to the craft store.
As soon as I saw feather boas, I knew what I had to do.
Then we were getting stuff for bracelets and I saw a pack of star beads and I double knew what I had to do.
SWAN means more to me than I can even begin to articulate, and has since forever. I think it’s only fitting that I spend my birthday decked out in handmade merch for it.
If my 13 year old self could see my now 20 year old self? The biggest happy fit would be taking place.

I’ll never be able to thank you enough for making something wonderful, Lady.




Apparitions of eternal darkness
Spiraling in circles through the night
Creatures of beguiling blackness
No more squinting in the light

Bats and owls and coiled sea dragons
Crocodile and carrion beasts
Swirling in the growing darkness
Join us in the coming feast

Spectre wraith and apparition
Spirit demon phantom shade
Salamander serpents, dog-faced devils
Dance and watch the dying sunlight fade


As much as it might look like a blue doughnut thing, this is actually a steel tongue drum.~ You can here what it sounds like here. It probably doesn’t sound like what your expecting. 

Lady Yate-xel and I have been having late night music trading adventures. I’ve been showing her some more of the obscure percussion instruments I love. And this is one of them I own and play. I wanted to share pictures with her so I thought I might as well share with everyone.


There was a little blip in ReSWAN that said Nny went through a phase of wearing Devi’s clothes. I’ve been wanting to draw little Nny (no idea how old they were when this happened) in sweet outfits~
Sweetness of outfits may vary depending on your sense of style, of which I have none.


These are the Monster High repaints I currently have for sale!  Almost all are thrift store rescue guinea pigs who may have some defects that I’ve done my best to detail here.   They have all been washed, wiped, and repainted with pastels, Prismacolor watercolor pencils, acrylic paints, and sealed with Mister Super Clear and acrylic gloss for eyes and lips. 

Prices, Descriptions and links to other photos of particular dolls under the Read More~

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