Help Roadhog do his job, put your Junkrat on snooze.

Shhhh. He finally burned himself out and just slammed down right where he was working. Later, somebody came along, gave up on trying to wake him and brought a pillow because ‘’if you insist on sleeping on the floor at least take this so you don’t have a stiff neck tomorrow’’.
But yeah that one did not go as planned :P Headcanon that Junkrat probably goes on until he’s too tired and then he does not care where he falls asleep - bed, couch, table, floor… as long as the surface is horizontal and not entirely made of poisonous or exploding things, he will probably sleep on it. Second headcanon that he’ll hug anything/anyone in the near when he does that :P

Edit: Eyyyy, I fucked up his tattoo ( well somewhat winged it since I had no refs for that one ) but who the fuck cares, there’s no ‘‘undo’‘ option on paper, so what you see if what you get. Arlabunakt.

Pentel mechanic pencil ( took me two months and an accident to discover it has an eraser ), Lyra Art Design pencils and ArtLine drawing pens in ‘‘Smiltainis’ Natural’’ sketch pad.