ladyredcoat replied to your postWIth a frustrated look, she stopped typing and pushed the keyboard away, leaving her sentence of broken gaelic unfinished.

She folded her arms, her eyes glaring at the words on the screen, “…I don’t like this thing. I can’t write.” her cheeks began to glow from shame.

He chuckled, “Not your usual letters then?” He pat her head, “I’s not that big of a deal, love.”

ladyredcoat replied to your postAela gave the man a wide eyed look, her uniform disheveled, “Where in the bloody… ” she looked around the room.

“That’s bloody great. One moment ‘m talking with Washington, the next moment ‘m staring at a strangly dressed Englishman.” she took her hat from her head, frowning.

"Well, pardon me for following the time’s dictation of ‘fashion’,” he made quotation marks with his hands. “Y'sure that’s all you were doing with Washington?” The Brit smirked at the state of her uniform, “Y'lookin’ a bit rough there.”