All my purchases have arrived. I now have a library copy along with all my other copies (hardcover, two paperback and one Italian) of The Book of Speculation. I have decided that shall be my loaner copy that I let my friends (well the ones I haven’t already bought copies for) borrow. Makes sense. Plus I ordered Get In Trouble, by Kelly Link on the recommendation of both @ladyofthehouse and @wehavesuchfun and I love short stories so I’m psyched to dig in. That’s also a library copy and in excellent condition. Then I picked up two used paperback copies of my favorite and Mr. Interrupted’s favorite books (If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler by Italo Calvino and Hunger by Knut Hamsun) which were strangely missing from our library. This stack cost less than $15 shipped. The books are pretty perfect except for a crease in the cover of Hunger. This was a great little package to get this week.

@morebaffledlessbrooklyn replied to your post “I gotta be honest, I love blue cheese so much I was just trying to…”

I’ve seen cheese wontons on Chinese menus.

@ladyofthehouse replied to your post “I gotta be honest, I love blue cheese so much I was just trying to…”

I know this feel

@womaninterrupted replied to your post “I gotta be honest, I love blue cheese so much I was just trying to…”

That sounds like quitter talk

Enablers.  Every last one of ya.

Tumblr Yearbook Awards

Most likely to be a Vampire from the Anne Rice universe: @hthrloo

Most likely to lead a tribe of survivors when the bombs drop: @littlerunnergurl

Most likely to describe their penis as “vascular”: @metacognizant

Most likely to take a tank for a joyride through an urban setting: @vanpocalypse

Most likely to become a food and drink critic and get a travel channel show @helmsdeepwa

Most likely to summon and elder god at work out of sheer hatred for coworkers: @messthatisjess

Most likely to relieve Pulitzer Prizes:
@thetreeremembers and @emergentpattern

Most likely to be a pirate of the Golden Age: @ladyofthehouse

Most likely to be able to outwork Bruce Lee in the gym: @incexual and @thegreencamel

Most likely to run this country: @arborescent

Most likely to be an actual superhero: @isitsafe

Most likely to make me say the word “Bae”: @lavidaderomy

Most likely to say “Roll Tide” on a regular basis: @wickedpissahyall / @iamthepreety (it was a tie)


Douchebro status: confirmed.

Basic gym day. Two miles of intervals. Too many (not enough) clean and jerks.

It’s too hot for a real meal. I’m eating a piece of tilapia, some frozen pineapple, and drinking all the seltzer. This book is supplementing any nourishment my diet may lack.

Because Your Comments Are Mine To Share

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Surf Ninjas; Renaissance Man; Major Payne; Pale Rider; Karate Kid I, II and III; What Dreams May Come; The Last Airbender cartoon series. (If you only put one of these suggestions on there, it should be the Airbender cartoons.)

Dude. Major Payne? MAJOR PAYNE!?! I love you. - “Killing is my business and business is good!”

ladyofthehouse replied to your post: Damn My Own Anti-Consumerism

10 Things I Hate About You will forever make me think of you. Oh, and “The Shit hath hitteth the fan… ith.”

I love that quote. Love it.

sallydoodle replied to your post: Damn My Own Anti-Consumerism

great list! i also love moonstruck. “I love you.” “Snap out of it!”

A classic.

myturtlespeedy replied to your post: Damn My Own Anti-Consumerism

The Princess Bride - “When I was your age, television was called books.”

I love that movie almost entirely for this one moment: “I want my father back, you son of a bitch.”

aliceadair replied to your post: Damn My Own Anti-Consumerism

Goonies — “Down here is -our- time.”, The Truth About Cats and Dogs — “You can love your pets, just don’t -love- your pets.”, Sense and Sensibility, Muppets Take Manhattan — “Rats is peoples, frogs is peoples, peoples is peoples.”

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.




In celebration, the Familia Cranquis is going out of town for the weekend!

(Actually, to a friend’s wedding somewhere in the US).

(No, not a wedding in Florida, which would be just too weird of a coincidence with TLOTH’s wedding-based Florida trip this weekend.)

I regret to inform you all that the queue, she is empty. So, there will be a paucity of posts this weekend. BUT, I will use this trip as an opportunity to get the ball rolling on that promised treasure hunt. (AHEM, Pranquistadors, have your deciphering fingers ready!)


I didn’t know that there was anything on the back of my dalek dress until I put it on this morning. now I love it even more. (it says exterminate, in case you can’t read wrinkly mirrored writing) someone asked me if I was a ladybug, but I did have my hoodie over most of it so you can’t really blame him. he also told me he loves me but that’s just because I gave him money. still, nice to hear.

also, TLOTH sent me this incredible piece of jewelry, which there is probably a name for, and I love it so much. I want to wear it always. ♥ xoxoxoxo