I’m on my way @ChristinaNewman @christinashoots 😞😢 @southwestair Thank you to flight attendant “Romona” on Flt#672 for your kindness (and tissues) when I was crying just before take-off. Your kindness meant a lot to me. 😌

I had given Christina a rosary my Deacon Uncle Roger had given me that he got in Lourdes, France. I held that rosary during my darkest nights the past couple years after losing my friend, Derrick, and then soon after, my brother, Michael in February. Something told me to give it to Christina on my trip to visit her a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I handed it to her, she LOVED it and held it the majority of the time I was there. In the angelic picture Ernesto @ernesto2727 posted of her, just after she peacefully passed - with family and close friends at her side - I was touched to see that she was wearing it around her neck. (The white beads in the picture…) The blue stone contains the healing water from Lourdes. When I got back to Cali, my awesome Uncle Roger sent me another one… It’s identical to the one I gave Christina except the new one has blue beads not white. Hence –> #rosarysisters #LadyOfLourdes #Lourdes #rosary #healingwater #cancersucks #fcancer #imissher #toomanyyoungpeopledying #triplenegativebreastcancer