Although Chat Noir and Marinette have similar greatest fears, they were actually pretty different...

Chat Noir was afraid that Ladybug hated him all along and would never love him, a sign of his insecurity. 

Marinette was afraid Adrian would fall in love with Chloe and start acting like chloe, who is someone Marinette can’t be, nor ever wants to be, which is a conflict of being true to yourself and values vs. being with the one you love. Marinette was afraid of Adrien becoming the person she hates the most, and as a result, not being able to love him anymore. 


Chat Noir’s nightmare: the one you love hates you now

Marinette’s nightmare: you now hate the one you love

Bear with me for a second

In Sandboy, Gabriel causes havoc throughout Paris by akumatizing a LITTLE KID that had a nightmare, making him “Sandboy”, the akumatized victim that made everyone’s nightmares come true.

Clearly, we know that he was thriving off of fear so he can effect any negative emotion that shows weakness, which also means that he can sense it and track out where he is; But if he can sense it, doesn’t that mean he can sense when his own child is afraid?

Let’s see here.



(But seriously this is too sad I want to cry)

So a few things about the scene where Ladybug asks:

“Chat Noir, you don’t really think I’m as evil as your nightmare?”

Suddenly some *~ magical synth~* music starts playing to convey the significance of the moment.

She seems pretty darn bothered by the idea that Chat Noir could think that way of her, and instead of rolling her eyes or laughing it off, she becomes TRULY happy that he says she’s the lady of his dreams here, like just LOOK at her :

She clearly hasn’t put 2 and 2 together to realize that Chat’s greatest nightmare is her hating him/never loving him, because most likely she doesn’t think she’s the most important thing to Chat. 

But we just witnessed another step of her developing feelings for Chat, without her realizing it, in true Marinette fashion. 

Miraculous fans: I want some more character development, where’s it at Thomas?

*Clicks on frozer trailer*

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Miraculous fans: well, this isn’t exactly what we mea-

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After watching Sandboy

 (If you haven’t seen it and don’t want spoilers stop now, as this will be slightly spoileryish reactions)

I’m shook

-Marinette’s nightmare Adrien is definitely nightmare material
-Adrien’s nightmare, my heart, give this boy love!
-Holy kwamis batman!
-Master Fu’s fricken nightmare, give this man a hug!
-Some nice quality Ladynoir right here
-Deep-voiced angry nightmare Ladybug oh my
-The bond and love between the miraculous holders and their kwamis (well, except for Hawkmoth and Nooroo)
-Adrien saying that he knows how it feels having his freedom controlled and being contained </3
-The flipping Ladynoir man!


-What happened between Tom and his nightmare baker-craving dough??
-Nooroo never did get contacted by his fellow kwamis to wish him a happy birthday and if that doesn’t pain your heart I don’t even know dudes
-Sandboy if I’m not mistaken was the first akumatized victim to seem traumatized after being saved, that child was shook!
-That ending, oh gosh I’m ready, but then maybe also not

In Conclusion, season 2 is continuing to bring some grade-A content, and I’m loving it!