(i am terrible.)

Sky and Deadlox pulled up a recording video, they had recently got together to send out this message.

“Hey guys, Sky here with Deadlox IRL and we have a message.” They both took deep breaths before speaking.

“Guys, look. We HATE Skylox. Please stop the shipping, the Ladylox, the Enderlox, we don’t like it. It’s not just for fun, it makes both Adam and I uncomfortable around each other, and we don’t want that. We’re just friends, that’s it.” Sky nodded in agreement. They both signed off, taking it off their chest felt good. They uploaded it after doing all the preparations, and Ty leaned back on his hotel bed.

“So… It’s out there, I guess,” Adam said. Ty nodded, but he knew the truth.

They were together, and they loved each other more than anything. But no one could know.

(Full message that I will be sending Deadlox.)

Uh… On Tumblr, we kind of turned you into a princess. You wear a ballgown, and we call you Ladylox! Are you okay with this, by any chance? Oh, and here are a few pictures we’ve drawn so far, none of these are drawn by me.

We hope you like them!

(Ladylox: Selfies)

Deadlox lied there in his bed, he had recently bought a new ballgown, it was a black one this time, but he adored it. He put it on as soon as he reached his home, and he couldn’t help but want to take pictures. Sky knew of his fascination with all his dresses, and he loved how he would take a picture of a new dress and send it to him. And that’s what he did for this one, as well.

He took out his computer that had a built in webcam and pulled up a program that used your webcam to take pictures. He held his chin in his hand, and looked to the side at something on his desk that he hadn’t seen before. The picture was still taken, causing him to jump a bit, but he took a few more before sending them to Sky and looking at the thing on his desk. It was an envelope, that had Ty’s name written on the back. He tore it open and saw there was a heart inside.

‘Meet me in at Rosswood Park. - Adam <3’ it read. Deadlox smiled to himself, deciding to wear the ballgown he had on. He quickly put on some shoes and headed out.

“Hey, Babe!” Ty looked in the direction of the voice to see Adam standing there, waving. Deadlox rushed over, sensing nervousness around Sky.

“Is something wrong? You seem nervous.” Sky looked down at the ground before looking back up.

“Ty.. Look, I’m sorry. But I don’t.. want to be your boyfriend anymore,” he began, “I want to be your husband.” Sky got down on one knee and pulled out a royal blue box. He opened it with his own hand, and Ty saw that the box encased a golden budder ring with a purple gem in the middle, which looked pretty much like Adam’s necklace. Ty smiled as wide as he could.

“Yes, yes, of course!!” Adam slid the ring onto Deadlox’s finger, get off of the ground to pull him into the biggest kiss of their relationship they had ever had, and afterwards pulled each other into a ginormous hug.

“Your dress is new,” Adam whispered into his ear. Deadlox felt Adam’s phone in Sky’s back pocket and pulled it out, handing it to him. Adam scrolled through his texts, seeing the selfies. Adam hugged Ty once more, whispering something else in his ear.

“Ty.. I love you.”

(I'm sending it to Deadlox.)

From: Alice Liddell

To: DeadloxMC

Subject: Oh Hai.

Message: Uh… On Tumblr, we kind of turned you into a princess. You wear a ballgown, and we call you Ladylox! Are you okay with this, by any chance?

(I’m also going to send the link to both those pictures.)

This is what I did earlier today when I talked to Alice. We were takling about my trans!fic and I called us Ladyloxers and pointed out that it sounds like lady boxers. Alice said Ty wears these under his dresses. So I went and designed them.


EDIT: Here’s the link to the original chat