After Alya finds out Marinette is Ladybug..
  • Marinette, nervously: So, like. I know you had this huge thing for Ladybug-
  • Alya: Had?
  • Marinette: Yeah, well, I guess I'm wondering if you finding out I'm behind the mask changed your feelings.. I mean! Of course it did. Who would be in love with their best friend- haha..ha....
  • Alya: Girl, the only thing that has changed is now I know my two loves are the same girl.
  • Marinette: .. you mean that?
  • Alya: Of course.


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PaletteTrio theme of Magical Girl couples Sailor Uranus / Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon Utena / Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena Madoka / Homura from Madoka Magica Is anyone else in love with these shows and their pure awesome girl power????

The Ballad of Madame Snappy-Snips (Modern AU)

And so it came to pass that after a month of dancing around the subject, two false starts, and three well-meaning but disastrous interruptions by his so-called “friends,” Dorian Pavus successfully went on a date with the Iron Bull.

The evening went swimmingly. There was wine, and food, and nothing blew up or caught on fire. He even made Bull laugh.

They proceeded, quite naturally, from the restaurant to Bull’s apartment. Dorian’s was not to be considered, as Dagna had finally gotten her shit together as well, and was seducing her ladylove.

All was going according to plan. They survived the taxi ride, the small talk, and the stairs. However, shortly after they entered the bedroom, Dorian found his amorous ambitions to be abruptly stifled.

“Bull,” he exclaimed, and pointed at the thing on the wall. It glowed aggressively back. “What the fucking fuck is that?”

The Iron Bull paused midway through his extremely important task of removing his shirt. Dorian was tragically unable to appreciate his endeavors to the appropriate extent.

“That’s Madame Snappy-Snips,” Bull told him. “I won her off Hawke in a wicked grace game. Isn’t she awesome?”

“No.” Dorian said. Madame Snappy-Snips’ maw gaped with mocking laughter. He turned around and left the room.

Bull followed him. “She’s just a lamp!” he protested. “We can turn off the light, if you want!”

“I’m not having sex where that thing can see me.” Dorian proclaimed. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. He grabbed his coat.

“Wait!” Bull cried desperately. “We were just getting to the good part!”

“It’s her or me, Bull. As long that thing is in your bedroom, I shall never cross the threshold.”

Bull looked deeply conflicted. Dorian was incensed. Bull had an idea.

Madame Snappy-Snips was transported to the living room, and terrified Dorian when he got up to make coffee in the morning.

He comes back home when the clock is ready to strike midnight, tie thrown over his shoulder and sleeves rolled up to his elbows – prince turned teenager at the end of the night, even if no Fairy Godmother was there for the transformation. (Instead, one overeager grandmother and one fashionista pirate did the job.) The weight of years presses against Emma’s shoulders when she looks at her little boy, now not so little anymore. He’s growing into a man, only a few inches away from finally being taller than her. He’s not the kid who knocked on the door all those years ago, more and more of a proud knight with each passing day.

A proud knight back from a night with his ladylove, drawing from all those tales he loves so much to write his own legend. He doesn’t even need a special brand of pen for that, only needs his charming (ah!) self and a few romantic tips from his family. He only needs to be himself, the way she told him only hours ago, the way he should always be.

“Good night?” She looks back to the book in front of her, the one she grabbed from the library earlier that evening. Emma doubts she will find anything useful about her parents’ curse, and the words stop making sense anyway when she is too busy pretending she isn’t staring at Henry from the corner of her eye.

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Ok but consider this

Post-reveal Marinette showing Adrien her sketches for male clothing.

Adrien being super excited and encouraging her to actually confection them

Adrien fangirling over his super-talented ladylove’s designs and refusing to wear anything more

Gabriel actually letting him because those clothes aren’t half that bad if he does says so himself

Marinette and Adrien being perfect shopping buddies

Adrien giving Marinette actual constructive criticism bc u know, supermodel powers

Marinette having a mental breakdown every time Adrien decides to ramble about her fashion talents

Marinette being totally smitten and realizing this bad luck cat is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to her

I think about this a lot.

i know i have a problem

You know, as much as I love the ‘fake relationship’ trope, what I really want is to see it switched around.

Like, Dudebro befriends Ladylove because he wants to worm his way into her pants and then slowly realizes that he values her friendship? And he cares about her in a platonic way too? And it’s not just pretend anymore? All the stuff he’s been faking is real now without him realizing that it happened. And it’s like, ah shit, I fell in friendship with her, what do I do now?