Throwback thursdays….here is young Fidel  R.I.P with Perfidia….Fidel used to vogue as a member of the  Deee-lite live shows in 1988 . We used to perform in both hiphop clubs and House clubs  and there were a few occasions standing on the wings of the stage preparing to go on wondering if the butchie hiphop crowd could handle 2 vogueing queens prancing about in tights….but we never had a problem …not even once. Fidel died  much too young sadly from a chance stray bullet riccochet while walking down  the street . I’ve thought of him often and imagine  he’s vogueing 2 clouds above nine .  in one word  …Ovah


1990 Lady Miss Kier’s style World clique era  DEEE-LITE   part 3

LYRICIST, CO-PRODICER,writer of melodies,co-FOUNDER,business manager,Art Director

DJ Playlist:

the old neighborhood….8th st. between c and d …..I lived above Chicken George and the perpetual smell of french fries ….1981-1983…believe it or not but this neighborhood was too expensive and I ended up moving to williamsburg in 1984-1989 because it was the closest place to my favorite stomping grounds in the ever-capturing east village……we grow…the abandoned homes become filled with ambitious children….we are displaced and find the new treasures…whatever rent’s clever

places I used to live in the east village :

540 e. 14th st. between A & B apt 1   

10th st. between C & D above Chicken George 

2nd ave. between 3rd and 4th st. …3rd floor apt. 

32 st. marks place apt. 1 ( haunted perhaps) 

broome and bowery ( ah…surrounded by the chandeliers ) 

Bleeker and broadway…the building w the clock on top.

Photo by John Freeman