Younger Daughter’s Mass Effect Nicknames...

She can’t remember all their names, so she has her own names for them.

Joker (her favorite): Hat Guy

Mordin (her super favorite): Talking-A-Lot-Guy

Ashley: Pretty Soldier Lady

Jack: Pretty Angry Lady

Liara: Pretty Blue Lady

Tali: Pretty Glowy Eyes Lady

Miranda: Pretty Scary Lady (See a trend here? But I don’t know why she thinks Miranda is scary…o.O)

Kaidan: Nice Blue Glowy Guy (XD)

Garrus: Bird Man

Thane: Frog Man

Samara: Blue Grandma (Hubs’ mum, not mine. But it does fit.)

And @vorchagirl, you’ll love her nickname for James:

James: Grandpa with Hair!!

Okay, my dad was in the Navy for 27 years. The last time we visited my parents, she saw an old picture of him as a young enlisted guy. She tugged my sleeve and said, “Mommy, that’s James with hair!!” (Dad wears a toupee now, or the family’s infamous ‘rug’.) Honestly, I didn’t see the resemblance (still don’t o.O) but that’s how her mind works. XD

Out of the mouth of babes…