Naruhina and sasusaku may have won and they may have kishimoto and studio peirrot on their side but there’s two things they will never have that we have.You know what those two things are? LOGIC and DEVELOPMENT.You guys never forget.

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To LadyGT

Hi, my name is Camilla and I’m LadyGT’s twin sister.
I just want to write something that might be shared by some of you. As you know, Giorgia is well known under the name of LadyGT (previously ladygt93) not only because of her crazy and random crossovers fanarts but also because of her NarutoxSakura fanarts. After today’s news regarding Naruto and Hinata ending up together, I want to tell you Giorgia, that I loved every single drawing, sketch, animation and idea that you created. I loved watching you drawing them in a way that no one else could ever do. I can see the real naruto and sakura in your drawings. I can see everything you want to say and show to everyone in your drawings. You made me and other people laugh, love and support your work, but first of all you made us dream. Giorgia you are a genius, not because you are my sister or because you are NaruSaku but because you love what you draw and that’s why it hurt me seeing you crying today. You are a kind person, a little lazy sometimes, but good. And that’s why people love you and your work. You told me before: “It hurts cause I loved them so much. it was fun drawing them”. We know that and your haters as well, that’s why they kept asking you to draw their pairings. You’ve got so much Hate from so many people that sometimes you weren’t strong enough to fake your worrying. Never quit. It’s time to step up and work on your own story.
You are an amazing artist, you’ve gotta believe in yourself.
Thank you for everything you have done so far.
Remember that no matter what, I will always support you.

Your biggest fan,

Behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman...!!
Art by: LADYGT
Cleaning + Coloring by: Me