mother of pearl

did you guys know i’m writing the new steven universe comic coming out early next year? it’s going to be drawn by the very talented @ladygarland! i’ve been working on the scripts lately, i hope people will like it. i feel a lot of pressure for it to be good haha >< 

this has absolutely nothing to do with it though!!
i was thinking about a sentence in the guide to the crystal gems book where they say it was unusual for different types of gems to fuse. i like the idea that pearl + pearl = mother of pearl, rather than just pearl squared.

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Hey i was wondering could you recommend me some rad artist to follow?

aoHooboy here we go! Some of these may have NSFW so heads up!

@projectendo @idogmeat @5targuitar @blinkpen @mayadile @royalchai @deerbait @vcr-wolfe @genchiart @coryloftis @getdestroyed-staydestroyed @marshmallowfury @synduo @luckstersart @ecunderbase @shavostars @dustydemon @tanglefootcomic @snailofapproval @polartoon @cubesona @piranhartist @doghost @mcmadmissile @bearcuts @mosaur @glamdoodle @sumoswine @trevorwspencer @acersecomic @fantome-stein @hannakdraws @silvermender @siins @galoogamelady @ladygarland @irukasanshoku @verticalart @celine-kim @iguanamouth @carlysart @jollylines @justinchan @jakewyattriot @jaymamon @jake-clark @jagbeast @vicehii @michysoong @mrjakeparker @breebird33 @jessicamao @snoozlebee @stringbing @stutterhug @cocokat @coconutmilkyway @farvann @anthonyholden @littlewitchcurry @lissabt @2dbean @catfishdeluxe @theveryworstthing @skelefrog @briannedrouhard @briskby @weremagnus @halfglovepunch @squeedgeart @ikrutt @insidematthieu @rowanwoodcock @skulldog @arythusa @chassdraws @brainfarto @monstertreeart @creaturebox @gomgrut @bumbledumb @silouxa @maddiesharafian @madidrawsthings @saetje @baderror @specimen-jar @davidbaronart @qeti @robertryancory @bioatomic @captainhanni @ohpsshaw @lrstudio @lexxercise @gh0stdoe @firstnamezacklastnamemorrison @alivingmel @acodanies @nicholaskole @villainsgoleft @cottonbun @jubilatio @hatboy

AAaaaaaand thats about all Im willing to write at the moment. I dearly apologize if anyone felt left out but uh, theres a lot of you! You’re all fantastic inspirational artists and I love seeing your work on my dash. So I hope many more get to see it too!

Also forgot to mention I got to meet the artist for the Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems comic book series, @ladygarland!! She was so awesome, she was on the panel with Zach and them and she was hilarious. definitely give her a follow, she’s super cool and I love her work on the SU comics!

@WizardsMagic at Emerald City Comic Con

Community Manager Alison will be speaking on the Women of Tumblr panel at @emeraldcitycomicon this weekend! Here are details on the panel:

THE WOMEN OF TUMBLR (April 9th at 4:00PM @ Rm T305)
Tumblr is proud to be the home of a wide variety of content from an even wider variety of people. In this panel, we’ll be focusing specifically on the women of the platform– from artists to curators to staff, join us in our exploration of what sisterhood means on Tumblr and how these talented ladies are shaping your dashboard in their own unique ways.

Featuring: @ladygarland, @jenbartel and @wizardsmagic Community Manager Alison Luhrs!


My shot for Moon Animate, Make Up! So excited to see everyone else’s animations! ** A **