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My tattoo reading “Honor Your Vomit” on the inside of my right arm, by the crook of my elbow. I decided to get the phrase because when I first heard GaGa use it describing her artistic process, I was completely overwhelmed because I create my own art in very much the same way. I’m a writer, and when I sit to write out an idea, I force myself to just let it out and not censor it when it’s first on its way out. And even if I think an idea of mine is shit, I keep it, because it came out of me. It’s part of me. Finding out that an artist who has always been an immense inspiration to me creates her own art in the same fashion just seemed so unreal to me, so the tattoo seemed fitting. it serves as a constant reminder for me never to forget what’s most important to me: Art. Paws up <3 – Ari Constantine (MonstrousTribe)