#ellendegeneres joined #LadyGaga ’s #TheLoveProject2017 commercial feat #Pharrell too ,which aired TODAY during the #Oscars 
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Did you know that the more love we put out there, the more the benefits multiply for all of us? It’s why The Love Project’s mission is to grow more love in the world by asking you to share your #Lovein3Words. For its part, Revlon will support charities that promote love, kindness, empathy and understanding.
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As you can see here ladies and gentlemen, an angel from the heavens above just earned her wings. History was being made.

The Countess.

I began to draw this painting back in January and today is December.The year of my life is hidden in this portrait.The image of the Countess in this season of “American horror story” is certainly one of the most striking and I wanted to capture not one or two images of the Countess but as much as possible. So It is a “long-playing” work. But thanks to my patience the artwork is completed.