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  • Mesh: Cool Sims
  • Texture: ShockShame
  • Control by me [PS Action by #aWT]
  • Conversion 4to3: Youbetterworkbitch112


▓The hair have problem with bone assignment



  1. Mark Kinney
  2. Lady Gaga

“It’s been three days since I dressed up as Lady Gaga and stayed the National Anthem at the SuperBowl. I think I can lose the wig now…”
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Lady Gaga dancing to Madonna “Express Yourself” at the Super Bowl
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Ga-Ga for GAGA

Some of you may hate her, some of you love her and some of you may want to be her (I know 3 people haha). But lets face it, Lady Gaga is an ICON. Lets look over her resume:

  • 28 million albums sold
  • 140 million singles sold (one of the best-selling artist)
  • Grossed more than $300 million in revenue from 3.2 million tickets sold (3 worldwide concert tours).
  • 6 Grammy’s 
  • 1 Golden Globe
  • 1 Oscar Nomination (2016)
  • 13 MTV Video Music Awards
  • 12 Guinness World Records (including 2011’s Most Searched-For Female on the Internet).
  • Songwriters Hall of Fame’s Contemporary Icon Award
  • Fashion Icon lifetime achievement award 
  • Named one of Time magazine’s most influential people in the world (2010)
  • Philanthropist 
  • LGBT Advocate
  • Creator of the “Born This Way Foundation” (
  • And after tomorrow, Super Bowl National Anthem singer.


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Still do not have an ounce of respect for the woman? Then lets look at Gaga through the eyes of content marketers.

TWITTER: 55.2 million followers

INSTAGRAM: 14.3 million followers

YOUTUBE: 6,571,216 subscribers • 3,573,444,572 views

FACEBOOK: 61,527,324 Likes

“Lady Gaga” GOOGLE search trends this past week

Lady Gaga is a content marketers goldmine. She has effective content that connects her with her millions of fans who still want more.

But Lady Gaga goes above and beyond what most artist do. Take for example her website…

“ is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, share, and to inspire. Remember to be brave, be kind, be respectful and most importantly… be yourself!” -Lady Gaga

After watching the movie “The Social Network”, Gaga wanted to create a community for her and her fans. There fans can post their artwork, stories, videos, pictures, etc. about their Mother Monster Gaga. has almost 5 million members since its launch in July 2012.

Now let me remind you of Joe Pulizzi’s definition of content marketing from his book, “Epic Content Marketing” ,

“Content Marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing valuable and compelling content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Content====> (website for fans of Lady Gaga)
Target Audience====>little monsters (Gaga fans)
Customer Action====> purchase merchandise, concert tickets, and music.

Through creating this website, Gaga has been able to maintain and connect with her large fan base of “little monsters” and continues to acquire more followers through her social media platforms.

Here’s an example of the of the art Little Monsters have done and posted on little These are all emoticons of Lady Gaga’s looks from her music videos to her red carpet appearances. 

But how did Gaga come to all of this fame and attention in the first place???

After reading about social transmission in “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger, Berger explains how social influences and word of mouth have a major impact on what we read, think, do and buy. Berger informs us people share more than 16,000 words per day and every hour there are more than 100 million conversations per day. 

Word of mouth is not only important for a business but it’s the same for an artist. The information (text, e-mails, post etc.) that our family and friends provide us has a significant impact on what think read, buy and do. Berger notes word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20%-50% of all purchasing goods. 

Word of mouths that I used to hear before I became a little monster were:

“Did you hear Lady Gaga’s new song?!”

“She is A-MAZING live in concert!”

“Did you see what she wore to the Mtv Music Awards?!”

Berger explains how word of mouth is more effective than traditional advertising for two key reasons:

1. Word of mouth is more persuasive

      Advertisements usually tell us how great a product is. Take for example Pampers Diapers. Pampers commercials usually involve Pampers comparing their product to competitors and stating that their diapers are overall better for your child. Through this advertising technique, Pampers isn’t credible since they are arguing that their product is always the best. Our friends and loved ones on the other hand tell us their honest opinion about a product, service or in this case singer. We are more likely to trust, listen to and believe our friends and family because they are credible sources. 

I can remember the first time one of my friends sent me a link to the Lady Gaga music video “Bad Romance”, in the text she said, “You HAVE to watch this music video! you will fall in love with her!”… and I DID 

2.Word of mouth is more targeted

Most companies try to advertise through ways that reach an immensely large group of people. The downside on this is that this large group of people may not be in their specific target market. On the other hand, word of mouth is naturally directed toward an interested audience. People tend to select particular people who they think would find that given piece of information most  valuable and relatable. 

When it comes to Lady Gaga, one of her Little Monsters would recommend someone to listen to her music or watch her work if their friend was interested in any of the following:

  • Watching American Horror Story (Gaga starred in the last season “HOTEL”).
  • Fashion, such as Tom Ford or Versace (Gaga was in Tom Fords 2016 Spring Collection and was the face of Versace) .
  • Watching the Super Bowl tomorrow (Gaga is singing the national anthem)
  • Innovation (Gaga is working with Intel to create a memorable performance at the 2016 Grammy’s in memory of the late David Bowie).


So what are your thought’s about Lady Gaga now? Do you still think she’s psychotic or do you think she’s a content marketing diamond? Be sure to check out her performances at the 2016 Super Bowl tomorrow and at the Grammy’s in a couple weeks. And if you haven’t noticed, this blog post is a prime example of word of mouth.