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(I wasn’t sure if my answer went through or not because my internet is acting up) From what I can tell from your reaction I must assume that I am the only Android you’ve encountered. You are correct, I can perform the many faces of humanity.

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Well, not really, I… Well for all practical purposes I suppose you could say that.  Yes. *ahem* You say you’re programmed to emulate many aspects of humanity.  I’m impressed!  Humans are impossibly complex creatures; they never seem to know which way is up.  …Figuratively speaking.  *smirk*  So, have you developed a personality of your own?  Or do you simply imitate what you see in others?


replied to your post: (BTW is the Anon suppose to be a M!A? For some reason it looks like a prank. Anyways I hope you didn’t mind me responding to this post with a RP since I’ve seen other’s reply to your posts.)

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“Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. Doctor Beverly Crusher,” she said extending her hand to the android. 

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As she shook Dr. Crusher’s hand she said, “It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lt.Commander Catherine Evergreen. I was just transferred here today from the USS Repulse. Since I am a medical officer I guess that means I work under you am I right?”

the-victorian-android asked:

Greetings my fellow joined Trill! This is actually the first time I've actually meet a joined Trill. I see you you've been stranded in Las Vegas for a long time. Do you wish to return home?

It’s relieve to in contact with anyone from outside this planet let alone another Trill. Though you don’t look like a Trill, were are your spots? I haven’t been here that long just two months but yes I want to return home as soon as possible could you beam me up?
RP Starter continued

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As Evergreen was walking through the corridors she noticed Spot, Data’s orange tabby cat, wandering around. Unaware about who’s cat it was she decided to…

As the female Android heard Data’s voice she thought to herself, “Is this a coincidence that the owner of this cat appears in Sick Bay while I found it?” She smiled and greeted him in a friendly voice, “It is my pleasure. I found your cat walking through the corridors. Since I saw no tag on your cat I thought he might have been lost. I decided that I should take him to Sick Bay to assure the owner, which is you I presume, that your cat is in good health.” Since she noticed that the Android was in Sick Bay she thought he was waiting for Dr.Crusher to finish examing Ensign Jas. In reply she said,”Sir, do you mind if I examine you? I assume you and your crew mate are injured on an away mission.”

(LOL she doesn’t know Data was in good health. BTW once she starts pronouncing his name she’ll be calling him Data (Dat-uh) instead of Data (Dat-ay) since she has an English dialect. I would love to see his reaction XD)

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Data tilted his head in an automated fashion. “Thank you for ensuring spot’s safety. I have noticed, however that not many would have done the same, as Spot does not seem to like most members of the crew,” he said. The sentient android looked over at the mostly healed Ensign when she was mentioned and then turned back to Evergreen. “I do not need medical attention. My positronic matrix was not damaged during the incident,” He assured.

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The Android was surprised and exclaimed, “Really!? But how can this cute cat harm anyone?” As he heard Data’s remark about his positronic matrix not being damaged she remembered her past patients that have died because they were modest  about their condition or tried to pretend that they were ok. As horrible as the memories she tried to shrug of the memories and replyed to the Android, “But sir if I do not examine your positronic matrix you might be in risk for a malfunction. I’ve had patients who would come to Sick Bay after being injured or affected by a virus claiming that they were ok and didn’t want to get a check up. I respected their requests and then the next day I heard that they died.” As she started to sob she continued to explain, “ And now … I just can’t let that happen again to any patient that enters here.”