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(I wasn’t sure if my answer went through or not because my internet is acting up) From what I can tell from your reaction I must assume that I am the only Android you’ve encountered. You are correct, I can perform the many faces of humanity.

((Yeah, it went through. ^^ [Fair warning: sometimes I can be a tad slow at responding. XD] BTW, I don’t think I mentioned that I’m KittyCowLexa from deviantART! =D Hello!))

Well, not really, I… Well for all practical purposes I suppose you could say that.  Yes. *ahem* You say you’re programmed to emulate many aspects of humanity.  I’m impressed!  Humans are impossibly complex creatures; they never seem to know which way is up.  …Figuratively speaking.  *smirk*  So, have you developed a personality of your own?  Or do you simply imitate what you see in others?


replied to your post: (BTW is the Anon suppose to be a M!A? For some reason it looks like a prank. Anyways I hope you didn’t mind me responding to this post with a RP since I’ve seen other’s reply to your posts.)

((Yes, at this point I guess it’s a magic anon. Poor Verelan. No problem responding with an rp, although if you want to just post it as a starter it would make it easier to do.))


“Hello, I don’t believe we’ve met. Doctor Beverly Crusher,” she said extending her hand to the android. 

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As she shook Dr. Crusher’s hand she said, “It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Lt.Commander Catherine Evergreen. I was just transferred here today from the USS Repulse. Since I am a medical officer I guess that means I work under you am I right?”