Hah! I Knew It

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Summary: Phryne has a little fun with handcuffed Jack

“What? Miss Fisher this is not amusing!” Detective Inspector Jack Robinson glared at the woman who was holding up a key and grinning broadly. He tried to move but he was well and truly attached to the chair. With his own handcuffs. “Miss Fisher. Unlock me. Now!” Jack ordered, but Phryne simply sat on the edge of his desk, surveying him.

“No.” she said simply, ignoring the death glare the Inspector sent her way.

Jack sighed. “Phryne, C’mon. Why?” he asked and the woman smirked.

“I won’t unlock the handcuffs until you admit.” She told the Inspector, and Jack rolled his eyes.

“Admit what?”

“That you… well like me.” Phryne tilted her head, looking at Jack interestedly.

“Fine, I like you. Will you unlock them now?”

“No Jack, because you weren’t serious.” Phryne walked over and waved the key in the Inspector’s face, smirking. “Admit that you are attracted to my looks and my personality, however much you are irritated by me.” She said grinning smugly. C’mon you know you want to admit it to me. You know you do. Go on. Admit it.” Phryne said, her voice teasingly.

“Phryne, I… Oh fine. I admit it.” Jack rolled his eyes, irritated at the way the woman played him so easily.

“Hah, I knew it!” Phryne grinned widely.

“Now will you please unlock these handcuffs?” Jack asked.

Phryne headed for the door. “See you later, Detective Inspector.” The door closed, and Jack groaned.