Boys always wonder why a lot of girls want to be skinny. Most guys say they want a thick girl. By “thick” they mean a toned girl with a small waist, a big ass, and big boobs. They think because they want us to look like that we want to look like that, when really most of us want to look like the girls in the movies. The artsy quirky girl that’s weird but not too weird. Shes skinny with a wide smile who gets with her nice attractive friend in the end. Plenty of us associate with this girl… we see ourselves in her. We want to look like her because she’s cute, she’s unique. There’s nothing wrong with being a skinny straight white girl with a bob cut or longer hair, but that’s not us, that’s not me. You never see a chubby bisexual black girl with a shaved head, or a pansexual athletic asian girl with a pixie. You never see real humans, at least not the women. The “ugly” girl that becomes beautiful when she straightens her hair and waxes her eyebrows. We start to believe that that’s what the average girl looks like. Straightening your beautiful curly locks isn’t gonna make you go from a 5 to a 10 so do what you want and stop caring. That “nice guy” (person) in the movies isn’t a nice guy if he (they) doesn’t realize you’re human.
—  A rant from a girl who just watched an indie film
I was red
and you were blue
together we made purple
just us two
but you decided purple
wasn’t enough for you
so you added green
and the three of us
became every color in between
I decided I wanted to be enough
and you decided you were cuffed
I wanted the entire spectrum
so I left this fling
and moved on to the next one
but the spectrum isn’t just a fling
we’re meant to last
because the spectrums a boy
from my troubled past
and I’ve decided he’s one of the best
things to ever happen to me
and that just simple colors
isn’t all that we’ll be
—  a poem about the girl who left and the boy I love